The truth behind the sensual imagery of Erika Bowenville and Emmanuel Polumaris
(Photo: Emmanuel Palomares / Instagram)

Erika Bowenville and Emmanuel Palomares She became the envy of their followers after their appearance Very close and sensual On social media.

The actors drew attention to a photo shoot they shared on Instagram and some videos posted on their TikTok accounts, where they danced, pretended to be kissed, and even hugged very closely.

It was precisely these behaviors that set off the alarms between them, but after a closer review, it was noted that everything was part of the excellent relationship they had and the collaboration they had made for a magazine.

They are both gone Included in the “50 most beautiful” list of People in Spanish They coincided in the photo sessions for publication.

Erica Bowenville and Emmanuel Palomares captured interest with these videos

While it is all about work, there’s no denying the chemistry the couple has Consisting of 57-year-old actress and 27-year-old actor, They showed up in front of the camera And they also posted several videos very close that aroused suspicion around them.

In many of the post’s photos in Spanish they are seen hugging and very close, but in the audiovisual material they are seen more united than ever. It should be noted that in most of the common materials Palomares appeared to be very sensual without a shirt.

And the heroine of the Mexican melodrama “Among those pictures” wrote, next to the symbols of kisses, to clarify her meeting with the young actress, which aroused the envy of 3.9 million followers.

“Both are so beautiful,” “You are with Erica Bowenville,” “What’s going on, tell them,” “I want your place,” “She’s happy,” “How envy,” among other things, the fans commented.

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Palomares lifted spirits by replying to the Instagram post with photos of the flames.

(Photo: Emmanuel Palomares / Instagram)
(Photo: Emmanuel Palomares / Instagram)

In the short recordings posted on TikTok, the images were the same. The actors seemed coordinated with a very sensual dance, exchanging hugs and kisses, which gave more of the close relationship between them.

Erica Boynville is currently recording the telenovela produced by Rosie Ocampo, Beat the past Next to Angelique Puyi and Sebastian Rowley.

This melodrama began filming on April 8th. The plot of this production will revolve around extrajudicial executions and misuse of social networks. Although the date for the premiere has not yet been set, it will be broadcast on El Canal de las Estrellas in the second half of 2021 and the schedule will run 8:30 pm.

Arantza Ruiz will play with Marcellus. Africa Zavala plays Fabiola, the antagonist of this melodrama. Ferdinando Valencia will play the role of Javier. Horacio Panchere will play Alfonso, a molecular biologist. The character of Matthias Novoa is called Claudio and Letizia Berdijon will play Sonya.

Erica Bowenville as Carmen
Erica Bowenville as Carmen

It is part of the “Vencer” trilogy, which was led by the Mexican production company in which Emmanuel Palomares collaborated as a joint leader between Beat fear and heartbreakThe Venezuelan, though, will not work with Buenfil as it has not been contemplated.

“This is where Gale ends, now, we wouldn’t be Beat the pastI think it was a good decision. “ He commented a few weeks ago in an interview with Andrea Legaretta and Galilia Montego.

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“I have accepted this challenge with all responsibility, with commitment and passion. I will be grateful to Rosie Ocampo and Silvia Cano for entrusting me with these characters who will remain with me in my memory, and the characters, who, whatever I do, I put my passion into.

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