Hollywood star Louis Anderson dies!

Louie Anderson He was a famous actor and comedian: he has now passed away at the age of 68!

Hollywood must say goodbye: comedy greats Louie Anderson He died Friday in a hospital in Las Vegas from complications from cancer. This was confirmed by his spokesman, Glenn Schwartz, to a number of American media. Anderson’s career took off in 1943 with his comedic debut on The Tonight Show. His self-deprecating style quickly made him a true darling of the public. He gained even greater fame with the 1988 film The Prince of Zamunda. He also reprized his role as Maurice in the sequel. Louie Anderson proved himself to be multi-talented at the very latest with his animated series “Life with Louie” and supervising the game show “Family Feed”. In addition to his many careers in film and television, Anderson has also written books such as Hey Mom: Stories for My Mother and But You Can Read Them Too.

Louis Anderson won an Emmy!

The highlight of his career was the comedy series “Baskets”. The drama revolves around two twin brothers, one of whom really wants to attend a French clown school. The series was created by well-known comedian Louis C.K., actor Zach Galifinakis and director Jonathan Chriss. Anderson took on the role of Kristen Baskets from 2016 to 2019. Not only did he win an Emmy for his portrayal, he will be remembered as well.

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