Agradecida. Maribel dice que se siente mejor que nunca.

Maribel Guardia has no problem with wrinkles, at least she says that to “hide” when it comes to talking about age; Here’s what he said in a video he shared on his networks showing Victoria Ruffo, who also has a birthday these days.

I smiled and relaxed so deeply at how the two actresses showed up in a restaurant, Maribel, who despite being an elderly person retains an amazing figure, said she was very pleased with the wrinkles that appeared on her body, because they were part of his history.

Ruffo, who hadn’t thought about it, asked, “So happy with the wrinkles that don’t show because they’re full of history, joys and tears, but they all made us better people and appreciate life better, good friend?” Like it:

He replied, “She is happy with her wrinkles, and I am not.” To the laugh of Maribel, who did not hesitate to answer:

“Neither am I, but you have to hide it, you have to invent something with age.”

In order not to lose this habit, Maribel Guardia celebrated another year of her life with a bikini shot, accompanying her with a message of gratitude to the most important people in her life: her son, husband, mother, and grandson. And her fans.

“Thank God for every soul, for the hug of my son, the kisses of my husband, the smiles of my grandson, the love of my mother, the unconditional love of my fans, life rises.”


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