Ramstein, Mexico;  Find out about their concert dates
Rammstein pool
Rammstein pool
Rammstein pool
Rammstein pool
Rammstein pool

The Rammstein Group has confirmed that it will present itself again in Mexico on October 1, 2 and 4, 2022 as part of a tour affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The popular band that performs songs like “Du Hast”, “Links 2, 3 and 4”, “Mein Teil” and “Sonne”, made their itinerary known through a video clip on their social networks. The band will start touring in North America and will later perform in Mexico.

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In a clip of just a few seconds, it can be seen that it will continue until the end of 2022 when the group led by Tale Lindemann, who tested positive for the Coronavirus in March 2020, arrives on Mexican soil. His fans.

Such is the taste of this band among the Mexican public that in addition to the dates 1 and 2, they decide to open a third on October 4, leaving the door open for thousands of fans to attend a concert. By that time, it is expected to be enjoyed to the fullest and without restrictions.

According to the clip, tickets for the new appointments will be available via their website on May 28, 2021.

They noted, “We are working to reschedule the tour in 2021, so please save your tickets as they will be respected on the rescheduled show dates.”

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