Booba ridiculise le partenariat entre Gims et la marque de glaces Magnum !

Become a Magnum ambassador for frozen desserts, and James attracted the mockery of his rival, Bubba.

The Duke is always on all fronts and it must be said that he does not lack the imagination to attack his rivals. Most recently, he compared his ex-stepson Damso to actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. This time, Bubba is back in charge of James. As a reminder, Meugui became an ambassador of the Magnum Ice Cream brand, much to the delight of his eternal rival. Unsurprisingly, B2O has gone wild on La Piraterie’s Instagram. In a series of stories, he mocked my beloved Demadem.

Bubba’s story / © instagram / lapiraterieofficial
Booba mocks the partnership between Gims and the Magnum Ice Cream brand
Bubba’s story / © instagram / lapiraterieofficial

Bubba insults James

Firmly, the exiled French rapper in Miami does not want to give it up and continues to do business with his rivals. While James shared a poster marking the launch of this partnership, which will take place on May 27, 2021, Bupa publicly mocked him. Thus, the Duke unveiled a photo montage. In the shots, Cobb poses in front of a Lamborghini in a selfie Sexion d’Assaut leader Displayed by a mirror. In the process, B2O posted a photo showing the prices of their first albums, Temps Mort (€ 1981) and Subliminal (€ 7). Like what he wanted to prove he’s cut above his competitor.

As per Booba’s words, Gims would have accepted this collaboration for financial reasons. In other words, Meugui was chaining partnerships due to lack of money. For his part, it is clear that the person in question prefers to continue his momentum, because for the time being he has not responded to the series of attacks from the Duke. Either way, Bella’s interpreter will always remain in the eyes of her eternal competitor. Undoubtedly, the latter will give her a layer in the coming days.

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