Drama about the movie

Schlag den Star caused some strange moments on Saturday night – because of an uninvited guest!

Moderator Elton (50) had just entered the live show stage and welcomed the first candidate – former Queen of the Jungle and reality star Evelyn Burdecki (32). Suddenly an unknown spectator stormed the stage, stood next to Elton and shouted: “Where the hell is GTA 6? I’m still waiting for GTA 6!”

It was obvious that he was referring to a computer game. Speed ​​asked the moderator to speak to the camera: “The best thing we do is set an example. Once he gets into the camera!” Elton didn’t let his shock show and replied, “I haven’t finished GTA 5 yet.”

Finally a security man appeared and escorted the young man from the platform who didn’t show any resistance.

Viewers are now amazed – and speculated heavily about the background to this incident. Commentator Ron Rengoth, 55, was clearly surprised and emphasized: “Maybe it wasn’t planned this way.”

But he managed to bring another line back into the air: “The program started with disappointment: I thought the fast drivers were naked!”

The audience found the whole action only partially funny – especially the fact that the bodyguard was so late for the scene being discussed.

Sofia Tomala: great against her ex-husband

Despite this incident, the live show continued as planned – and Evelyn and her opponent, presenter Sofia Tomala (31), were allowed to gamble for 100,000 euros.

After games like Opening Champagne Bottles and Water Swinging Long Jump, Game 5 was all about “treasure”.

With Sofia having the most points thus far, Evelyn was ahead here. Perhaps also because it kept etching, as with the question: How many millimeters are smaller than this candle after it has burned for an hour? He laughed and replied awkwardly, “It’s always tough with guys.”

Fortunately, Evelyn then noticed that the question was about millimeters, so I approached the correct answer and got the point.

Sofia used her defeat to make a sarcastic comment about her love life – and apparently also ex-footballer Loris Karius (28 years old): “Bad luck in the game, no problem. So I’m lucky in love…” Elton wanted to make a rude line first – But then he changed his mind: “Some say that … Well, well.” I may. ”

At 1:16 a.m., the luck in the game should return to Sofia – I thought…

In fact, she beat Evelyn Burdecki in a “Can Run” game and was already in the rain of winning colored paper while playing Whitney Houston’s song “One Moment in Time”. But suddenly Elton interrupted the cheer: “I really don’t want to spoil any mood here. But I do want to watch it again in slow motion. I mean mug flipped in front of the line.”

Video evidence was needed and it was clear! “The foot is no longer on the cup,” Elton said sternly. “I am seriously sorry. Unfortunately, I must be very young.”

So there was an extra round of the game – and this time too, Sophia Thomalla was faster, sticking to all the rules. There are no more colored paper clips – but she finally manages to keep the winning case with 100,000 euros in her hands, beaming with glee.

In the upcoming edition of “Schlag den Star” handball player Silvio Heinvetter (36) and tennis player and Olympic champion Alexander Zverev (24) will compete against each other.


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