Livia Brito, Eduardo Santamarina y José Ron en 'La Desalmada'.

Livia Brito cause an uproar for Acknowledge the actors who gave them the best and worst kisses in soap operas, but the surprise was that he accidentally shared the credits on his latest project “La Desalmada”.

It was during an interview with YouTube’s ‘Pinky Promise’ that the Cuban-born actress agreed to do a fun Q&A dynamic as she was questioned about What is your worst and best kiss in a series?. But that was not all, the challenge was to reveal the names, as well as to provide an explanation, and in case of non-compliance, he would have to accept the punishment, so he definitely decided to respond honestly.

Of course, he decided to start with the hardest part and reveal his worst kiss, to which he answered without suspecting that it was in the telenovela “El Triunfo del Amor”, which was his first telenovela; However, soon after he corrected it and decided to share a second bad kiss.

On my last series, at La Desalmada, I also said: “Is he serious?” I told you my friend, but open your mouth a littleHe added that he had performed so badly that he thought his mouth stink, but soon after his partner, who refused to reveal his name, confessed why he did not dare kiss her.

He felt so sorry and then we talked and said, “I was just dying in pain, sorry.” Because he wasn’t an actor, I won’t say who he is because it’s not professional to say the name“he added.

While the best shortlisted series Kiss is Jose Ron, with whom he also starred in the movie “Italian Girl Comes to Marry”, but whoever takes first place is certainly none other than the actor Eduardo Santamarina, who gave life to the villain “La Desalmada”.

“Really, Ron kisses really well, he knows how to kiss really well, and incredibly I’ve only had a few kisses, but Lalo Santamarina kisses him really well, really well.”

Livia Brito

And she remembered little of the scene where she was able to check out Mayrín Villanueva’s husband’s style when it came to making scenes of passionate kisses, which is why she recommends it.

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“He was dreaming that he was kissing me and he came out La Deslamada, it was a hallucination of Octavio’s character, I had to kiss him and said:”Sir, very good kiss! I recommend it, yes‘, he answered.

Finally, he described how kisses should take place and what was the secret to making them seem real, admitting that they sometimes made him want to kiss those next to him.

“It’s completely different when they nervously kiss you, or eat nervously because sometimes they get really nervous. It’s a feeling when their lips are hard when they rest and the kiss comes out beautifully. There are ugly serial kisses that look so ugly Others who look so pretty, make you want to kiss here with the baby next to you.

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