Star Wars Eclipse Release Date Window Reportedly Pushed Back

Star Wars Eclipse Announced late last year during The Game Awards 2021, not much is known about the upcoming Quantic Dream title. However, a recent report indicates that the game is still far from being released.

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recent report from xfire says that Star Wars Eclipse It’s not slated for release until 2027 or 2028. The reason for the huge gap in announcement and release is that Quantic Dream struggles when it comes to hiring staff for the title. The studio is said to have had more than 60 vacancies as of December 2021, and not many had filled, with 67 still open according to it. job site.

“Verified, and it’s true,” Jeff Grob of Gamesbeat confirmed at Twitter. “Ironically, a good reason why a toxic environment doesn’t appear in your studio is that you may get taken advantage of when making your next game because no one wants to work with you.”

The lack of jobs comes after Quantic Dream was accused of promoting a toxic work environment for years, including accusations of sexual harassment.

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All we know about the game currently is that it will be an “intricately branched action-adventure game” with multiple playable characters, as is usually the case with Quantic Dream games. The game will also take place in star WarsThe era of the High Republic, which made it far from any of the most famous star Wars Characters present in many properties today.

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