The Crew 2: 60 FPS für PS5 und Xbox Series X kommen

Ubisoft continues to make improvements to The Crew 2. As part of this, players on PS5 and Xbox Series X can expect 60fps support.

Open-world contestant The Crew 2 is approaching its fifth birthday, but that doesn’t mean the support is over. As usual with Ubisoft games, games are often backed for years. Another “year” with seasons in “The Crew 2” is also planned. They again contain free and premium content.

“The Crew 2 has been providing content for four years since its launch in 2018. The Ivory Tower development team has no intention of stopping there.” “Starting in July of this year, Year 5 will offer three new seasons free to all The Crew 2 players.”

According to the publisher, new seasons will introduce new vehicles, challenges, and rewards, as well as new ways to explore The Crew 2’s open world.

60 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X

But that’s not all: Developer Ivory Tower is in the “test phase” to support 60 frames per second, which applies at least to the new generation PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. So if you play The Crew 2 via backwards compatibility, you will soon benefit from more responsive gameplay and better performance. The correction is scheduled to be completed in July.

The team is also working on updates to the title’s sky chest to allow for more dramatic sunsets and choppy weather effects. And of course, the gameplay must continue to be enhanced.

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Ubisoft writes about the improvements and additions: “Year 5 will also introduce some features that the Crew 2 community has highly requested, including 60 frames per second on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, weather and color improvements, and changes to handling of select vehicles.”

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With Year 5 still a few months away, Year 4 Season 5 will arrive on March 16, 2022 and will offer new experiences called Stories, new live tops, rewards, and vehicle landings. More about The Crew 2 You can find out in our previous reports.

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