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Microsoft launches new console with Elite feature

Microsoft launches new console with Elite feature
Microsoft introduced a new console for Xbox Series X | S. (Image source: GIGA; max-kegfire, Getty Images)

Microsoft announces a new console for Xbox Series X | S. In addition to the elegant metallic look, the gamepad also has a feature that was previously only available to elite consoles.

Xbox Xbox X

With the “Aqua Shift Special Edition” controller, Microsoft introduced a new gamepad for Xbox Series X | S. The console has a file Sparkling blue color and useful tactile featurewhich was previously only found on more expensive Xbox Elite consoles.

Xbox Series X | S: A new console with a better feel

Microsoft gave the “Aqua Shift Special Edition” controller for the Xbox Series X rubber grips | S is in aqueous form. This not only distinguishes the gamepad from Xbox Series X consoles | S normal in terms of appearance, but also It also provides improved grip For particularly intense gaming sessions.

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This is what the new Xbox console looks like:

© Microsoft
© Microsoft

The console isn’t the first Xbox Series X special edition | S – for example, the Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo models were released before that. Like the regular console, these versions had a light, non-rubber surface. the The console “Aqua Shift Special Edition” will be released on August 31, 2021 It can now be pre-ordered in the Microsoft Store for €64.99.

Xbox Series X | S: Controllervielfalt im Design Lab

If you do not like the watercolor of the new console or if you can do without the rubber grips, you can of course also use the popular Xbox Design Lab Design your own console And to order. There you can customize your favorite colors for the individual elements of the gamepad and get a gift printed on the console.

In our video we show you the games we’ll be playing in the editorial office in August:

How do you like the new Aqua Shift Special Edition controller? Will you be ordering the Enhanced Gamepad? Or would you rather ditch the force at the Xbox Design Lab? Visit us on our Facebook page and write us your opinion in the comments area!

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