PlayStation Coming to Steam ... with Dozens of PC Ports?  JVL News

The PlayStation Secretary’s Steam page access points to several PC outlets after the previous exclusive Days Gone.

While that Gabe Newell I mocked that Steam games arrived on consoles a few days ago, but the opposite just happened PlayStation arrives on Steam

a The Steam Curator page is dedicated to PlayStation It just opened (however less interesting than the JVL curator page) on the Valve platform, It features games exclusive to Sony consoles but is now available on PC.

Not trivial content since Steam is also allowed Test the custom coordinator software for development teams that is currently in beta. Until now the system has been used by the media, “influencers”, or even worse: beggars like you and me.

Right now, you can find it there Four matches Including Days Gone, which will be released on PC in a couple of days. page Which could expand soon Which appears to follow recent data about Sony’s desire to bring more games to computers.

To note that 41 games have already been added by the PlayStation curator page but only 24 items (subject to DLC) are visible, Which means that these games are in the database but have not been disclosed to the general public yet. So we can assume that several dozen games will soon arrive on Steam …

“For Glorious Master Race players”?

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