The developer talks about the Xbox Series X / S improvement.

In an interview with Inside Xbox, Steve Archer talked about the Xbox Series X / S improvement for Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is now available on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X owners will receive | S is getting a free next-generation upgrade. In “Inside Xbox Series X Optimized,” Rebellion Senior Producer Steve Archer talks about improving horror and how the title was adapted to Xbox Series X | S and what that means for the future of the game.

The game’s development on next-generation devices attracted him more than anything, as he was able to deliver realistic 4K graphics at 60fps.

“It was exciting to be able to deliver realistic 4K graphics at 60 fps. Before this new generation of Xbox consoles, we had to compromise the visual quality to reach 60 fps, or we allowed the gamer to keep the picture quality high but With a 30fps cover. The pure performance of this new generation of devices allows us to avoid this compromise; this is a big plus for our game and our players. “

Improvements to the game experience with Zombie Army 4: Dead War and the decision to focus on higher resolutions and higher frame rates were important to the team from the start.

“In the case of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, we thought about the needs of our players and what we could do with the time we had before the scheduled release date. The gameplay experience in the visually rich gaming world of ZA4 with its 60 fps and ultra-responsive controls cannot be underestimated. “Steady framing for action is extremely fluid. Cross-generational conservation games ensure that players can return smoothly to gameplay on every generation of console. This is the beginning of our journey and we look forward to benefiting from the performance and newly discovered functions that this new generation brings to us.”

“Besides the great sound that was included in the original release, we hope the increase in resolution and FPS will allow players to immerse themselves more in the game. The response that 60fps and 120fps provides to the player compared to 30fps is a great advantage for many Many players and you can really feel the difference when hordes of zombies swell – you’ll need all your skills to fight your way out of a tight spot! ”

“Based on user feedback, that was the obvious choice. Originally, we only wanted to support 4K at 60 fps, but when things went relatively smoothly, we started thinking about 120 fps. As a producer, I can pose these questions to the team The user base for 120Hz TVs is relatively small now, but since we are planning long-term support for ZA4, this will help protect the game in the future in this area. “

In his opinion, short load times, aerial graphics, epic explosions, and responsive controls give players an enhanced Zombie Army experience as a complete package. Steve Archer sees the full potential of the Xbox Series X / S in future projects and seeing the lack of a loading screen is especially nice.

Low SSD load times, aerial graphics, loud explosions, and responsive controls give the player the Zombie Army experience as an all-in-one package, which is new for this generation of consoles. With the game now available in Xbox Game Pass, more players will be able to experience the game for the first time Which is very exciting for us. “

“For me as a player the ultimate goal is to have a title without loading screens and beautifully presented environments. Loading screens can be helpful (a place to give player tips), but they break the narrative and immerse yourself in the content you are playing, so I hope they get carried over into the story. “.


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