New Microsoft Edge allows creating tab groups and setting us up for Windows 11

Microsoft has just released the new version 93 of its Edge browser. This version makes the official functionality a previously experimental function: the ability to organize tabs into groups. To do this, simply right-click on the tab title and choose the option Add a tab to the new group. You can then choose a name and color.

For other tabs, right-click on the title and choose Add a tab to the group, then select an existing group or create a new group. You can also delete a tab from the group, see Delete the group by right-clicking on its title and choosing the option Close the group.

Microsoft has also added a new vertical tabs option, which arranges tabs in the form of a vertical list and is activated for example with the push of a button CTRL MAJ +. Type Edge: // Settings / Appearance in the address bar to access the new option in the section Toolbar customization.

You can thus hide the browser address bar when using vertical tabs and thus save some display space.

Microsoft also offers two beta features. The first gives a glimpse of the visual improvements planned for the release of Windows 11. Type edge: // flags/ in the address bar and search for windows 11 in the search box. Then switch to Maybe l’option Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates and click the button to restart bottom right.

This makes it possible to obtain, for example, the effect of transparency in contextual and global menus, provided you have Windows 11.

You can also test the new scrollbars that will be implemented in Windows 11. To do this, right-click on the Edge shortcut icon on the desktop and select Properties. Then go to the chest targeting and add text –enable-features = OverlayScrollbar, OverlayScrollbarWinStyle, OverlayScrollbarWinStyleAnimation after the existing text. Click the button Yes To confirm the operation, double-click the Edge icon to launch it with the new settings. You will then find that the scroll bars are thinner and more rounded.

Microsoft has also introduced a feature that allows you to continue reading a PDF document where you left off.

Finally, Edge 93 now has a viewing mode for videos in PiP (Picture-in-Picture), but unfortunately this mode is currently only available in the macOS version of the browser.

Source : Newer Windows


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