Avid Game Pass users know that new titles come and go every week. We pledged to play every new tournament on Game Pass this month, and three games really stood out from the rest. Watch the video above to see our picks for the best ways to get the most out of your monthly subscription.

What Game Pass games have you been enjoying lately? The lineup, to which Microsoft is credited, is getting better all the time. Just last night at the Tokyo Game Show, for example, the Seattle-based company announced that Scarlet Nexus, the animated vampire game, will be available to subscribers. This is in addition to new stars such as Sable and others. Even today, Microsoft is adding Astria Ascending (Cloud, Console, PC) and Unsighted (Console, PC) — and on October 1, people can expect to see Phoenix Point (Console) on the list, too. Not to mention another announcement that landed this week: Marvel’s Avengers are entitled to a second hit in the service. Like we said back in September, really, Game Pass is exploding right now. There is something for everyone here.

Microsoft’s campaign to add new release-day games to the service makes it incredibly valuable to anyone who owns an Xbox of some kind or to people who enjoy PC games. This is especially good if you have both platforms, as some games allow you to do cross-save or even cross-play with supported titles. This might, at this point, be the best gaming deal you can get, especially since the inclusions see some highly anticipated first-party Microsoft titles in the mix.

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At this point, I probably sound like that Game Pass ad meme from earlier this year, right? Well, this is just nonsense. But not quite as silly that Microsoft let you play Halo Infinite the day it was released for just $9.99 a month!


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