Omicron, wave pluses and rollercoaster effect in Germany and eastern countries

If we look at the curves Contagion From GermanyDelAustria, subordinate Balkans, From Bulgaria e Romania You can see the effect remarkably and almost impressively”Roller coaster“There was an unstoppable rise in late summer and early autumn which clearly showedwave of issues positive that started from Russia, arrived (but the list will be longer) Bulgaria e Romania, countries like Serbia have been overshadowed by the tennis player “No Fax” Djokovic, the Croatia and the Slovenia (touch Friuli Venezia Giulia) to then go to Germany, Austria, Holland and only at the end of this race also to France, Spain and Italy.

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Covid protocol for sport, team stopped with 35% positive: isolation and 5 days of testing for high-risk contacts


Some countries have reached unprecedented numbers, unfortunately also in terms of hospitalizationFor example, Slovenia had 4,000 positive cases in one day, many of them for a country of two million people. Then, as the virus continued to flow to the west (Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy), it began descending eastward: the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and even the Balkans, Poland, Romania, and Russia. Just two weeks ago, Slovenia, to stick to this example, fell to just 600-700 cases per day. In short: the wave seemed to be over.


But suddenly the ascent began, the most attractive ascent, moving from west to east, even if it had not yet reached Russia. Germany is back in very high numbers, Slovenia set the all-time record (7420), Serbia Djokovic at 13,693, and Croatia almost 10,000. The same trend is underway in the east, with Romania and Bulgaria recovering quickly.

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What is happening? The most plausible explanation is that while Spain, Italy and France faced two fires at the same time – Delta and Omicron – the Delta Fire broke out first in the east, but now the Omicron Fire comes from the west, causing a similar rise. To what was seen, for example, in South Africa. Complicating the situation in the East is the low vaccination coverage but also Omicron’s ability to re-infect those who already have a delta.

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