Vahid Halilhodzic : «Faire des sacrifices est normal lorsqu’on s’apprête à jouer un Mondial»

Two months after validating their ticket to Qatar, the Atlas Lions begin their preparation for the 2022 World Cup, with a friendly match against the United States in Cincinnati. Despite the busy season and the approaching summer transfer period, coach Waheed calls on the players to make more sacrifices to be ready next November.

Less than six months before Morocco enters the World Cup, the Atlas Lions will play their first preparatory match before meeting the world. With the majority group in attendance during qualifying, Vahid Halilhodzic’s men still have a long way to go before that fateful date of November 23, when they face Croatia. However, this international break comes at the end of a grueling season with some players accumulating scores of matches, while others are on the cusp of changing clubs.

Present at a press conference Tuesday in Cincinnati, Vahid Halilhodzic took the opportunity to put a layer on the importance of being in a group ahead of the World Cup. “June is always a complicated month,” the national coach said. There are tiredness and injuries.. the players are thinking about vacations and their families who are waiting because the season has been tough. If someone is tired or doesn’t feel (to play), let me know. Coach Waheed said. It should be noted:” But in a few months, it will be the World Cup. I haven’t had the chance to play many of them, either as a player or as a coach. It’s been 40 years since I played my only World Cup and I’m still traumatized by that experience. This is one of the biggest disappointments I’ve had. With Yugoslavia he had a huge team, but without a narrow group.

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Coach Waheed emphasizes the prestige and opportunity to be able to compete in the World Cup

Coach Waheed’s nostalgic sequence has only one goal in reality: the goal of showing the players that the mobilization is in order. “It’s an exceptional moment, it only happens once every 4 years. It’s so beautiful, it’s very public…not only on a sporting level. We are lucky to be in Qatar. I see Ivorians, Egyptians and our Algerian friends, you know, have (imitation of a gesture of pain).” In the tonsils, editor’s note.) They’ll be at home, while you’ll meet your team in Qatar. A high standard takes a lot and improvisation or poor preparation doesn’t work. I told the boys that if we weren’t at the top mentally and physically today, we’d be silly there (in Qatar, editor’s note) But if we are well prepared, we can achieve this feat.So the World Cup for the Atlas Lions is in full swing.


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