dead He agonized at the age of 93, because no one responded to his request for help. Rose Belk tried to call for help after falling home. Two heartbreaking minutes, in which he shouted “Help me, please,” but to no avail. Her son Andy, who had gone to visit her, happened to find her. However, the rush to the hospital was useless. “She was on the floor, she was horrible,” said the man.

The navigator directs him to the bridge that collapsed 9 years ago, the father of a family hits the car and dies instantly

Daniele Petioni disappeared for two days, found dead on the side of the road: yellow on the grounds

Contact the call center

The woman, originally from Barnsley, South Yorkshire (United kingdom), she had an emergency button that put her in touch with a call center operated by her local council. The worker who received the distress call ended the line, writes “Metro”. “Speak louder, I can’t hear it,” said the operator, who hung up the phone two minutes later without sending the ambulance to the woman’s house.

rescue service

The woman has been £13 a month to the rescue service since 2010. She registered her name after her husband developed dementia. The service is defined as “24 hours a day, 365 days a year” emergency monitoring and response. The victim felt calm and reassured his son: “Do not worry, if something happens to me I will press the rescue button.” But when she needed her, she didn’t help her.

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