Cats, love stories and lack of trust with their owners: classification of the most aggressive breeds according to science

Cats are beautiful but they can also carry feelings such as love and mistrust towards their owners. Let’s find out more

One of the animals that always leaves you speechless with its calm, calm and beauty is the cat. Usually, when we think of animals that can attack humans, our minds immediately point to dogs, but this is not always the case. Some cats, at times, can even be very aggressive even if their attacks always have a reason. Let’s find out together which breeds are the most aggressive.

Here are the most dangerous cats –

Some cats can develop aggressive behavior towards their owners, although according to scientific research, each breed has personality differences that must be taken into account. As expected, kittens can bite and scratch their owners for various reasons: Fight boredoml Poor health condition or For fun. But other times, it may be so It’s about fear Or one Feeling threatened.

Furthermore, aggression can also develop out of or because of discomfort from human touch Dominant nature. To understand the reasons, it is best to contact a veterinary behaviorist. In this article, we decided to explain what it is The most aggressive cat breeds According to research published in 2021 in the journal MDPI.

What are the most aggressive cat breeds?

According to this scientific research dating back to 2021, there are strains that are more aggressive than others. In fact, the investigation was conducted by some bodies including the Department of Veterinary Biosciences and the Department of Medical and Clinical Genetics. Nearly 4,000 cats were considered.

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Here are the most dangerous cats
Here are the most dangerous cats –

The data collected allowed us to develop a classification:

  1. Turkish truck: The type of cat is medium and large in size with semi-long white fur;
  2. Who is it?: Characteristic are long and pointed ears.
  3. Bengal: Descended from the domestic cat, the leopard cat;
  4. Turkish Angoraor;
  5. Norwegian forest cat: He has a wild appearance and almost long hair;
  6. Spinex;
  7. Korat: Of Thai origin and short grey-blue hair;
  8. Russian blue;
  9. OCICAT Which looks like a cheetah.
  10. Oriental cat With short, harsh fur, long triangular ears, and a narrow, elongated nose.
  11. Cornish Rex;
  12. American curl Which turns out to be the least aggressive cat that is often recommended for playing with children.

When you have one of these specimens, it is good to be careful, because aggression is part of their nature, and therefore you should treat them with kid gloves to avoid unpleasant seizures, which may cause injuries to the kitten owner.


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