Rothan believes PSG does not need Paqueta

Announced on PSG’s viewfinder, Lyonnais Lucas Paqueta will not be best hired for our consultant Jérôme Rothen. On RMC’s microphone, he explained this Thursday that this profile should not be a priority for the club.

“I expect more consistency and professionalism from him.” Despite the compliments, Jerome Rothen still has some reservations about Lucas Baguette, which was announced Wednesday. Team In PSG’s viewfinder. On the RMC’s microphone on the Rothen Ignites show, the former Monaco player explains that the Parisian club should not buy a new player as a matter of priority: “Basically not recruiting. The staff is consistent. What needs to be established soon. Respect for the coach is possible”.

“PSG does not need number 10”

“It’s okay to think PSG are good players, no worries. But before I think of backgrounds, I think we need to think of something else,” Rodney introduces. In place, do not put your finger on where PSG is having problems.PSG does not need number 10 because I agree with Juninho, it is not number 9.

Jerome Rothan also believes that PSG do not need a second player with the same characteristics as Neymar. “Then there’s the mood. It’s not an insult to the Brazilians or Argentina, but there has to be balance, he adds. Taking the example of the case that was fined in Rosean Park (1-4), he finds that “this shows a bad mood.” When you are together, you do not do what Renn did, “he concludes.

“It’s not a question of quality, it’s a question of mood”

For his part, Emmanuel Pettit recalled that Lucas Baguette came to Europe in 2019 at the initiative of AC Milan’s sports director Leonardo, where his path failed. “It’s amazing to me.” He also underscores the attitude of the player. “Pochettino and his staff are well aware of the collective problems at PSG, he supports. It’s not a question of quality, it’s a question of mood.

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“When I saw Pacquiao’s first months, he was praised throughout League 1, and it was great to see him, Petit continues. Strangely, when there were problems on the pitch, they came to the locker room.

Finally, our consultant firmly believes that his status at PSG will transform him into a less good player, similar to his painful Italian experience. “He’s going to be an average player like he was at AC Milan. It’s hard to imagine it working.” Debates are still a long way off, as a possible Brazilian international visit to Paris is scheduled for next summer.


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