Wolfsburg final does not make sense?  Scheffer:

There’ll be a farewell – for crew manager Herbert Rutger and defender Geoffrey Brumma this will be his last football game. From a sports point of view, the game is almost meaningless – coach Oliver Glasner’s team has already won the Champions League. And one thing is going to be different on Saturday (3:30 PM) at the end of the season against FSV Mainz 05 than before. Then, Wolfsburg Bundesliga will wear their new home jersey for the first time, which the club presented in the form of a video on social media on Friday evening.


The new light green jersey design: A commitment to the location and the essence of the club, the style is based on the design of the prototype cars (also known as Erlkönige). The new shirt is dark green and aims to remind us of the club colors of the 1970s and 1980s. The azure jersey will be preserved and will also be used in the upcoming season. Mainz is more than just a demo of the new Trigger. “It’s a lot,” sporting director Marcel Schaeffer appealed to the team.

VfL has four points ahead of Round 34 in fifth place, so the first division can no longer be taken from them. “The boys deserve it,” says Schaeffer. However, he would like the team to do the last task with great dedication. “It’s three points and it’s about ending the season feeling good. It’s about showing you are a professional. We are competitive athletes, so every match is about pushing your limits.” Wolfsburg has shown this in each of the 33 matches so far. That’s why “Schaeffer doesn’t expect anything other than the entire season. And I know the boys don’t expect anything else from themselves either.” But not just that: VfL wants to remain second in the second half of the season, and can still be second in the standings at home – and coach Oliver Glasner would also like to jump to third in the overall standings. But Wolfsburg should get more points than Dortmund against Leverkusen.

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Statistics show that VfL can score against Bo Svensson’s team. Mainz have not beaten Wolfsburg in ten matches – longer than ever against a team in the Senate. VfL had not conceded a single goal in the last five encounters with the FSV, and VW City had never achieved it before. However, there is also a premiere on Saturday: at the end of the season, the two teams had never met in the first division. However, the end of the season against Mainz in 1997 in the second division will be remembered, when Wolfsburg won the promotion with a stunning 5: 4 performance.

This time it’s quieter, it’s the first comfortable final of the season in five years, having fought twice in the European League on the last day of matches and had to shiver about relegation until the end of the previous two seasons. However, Schaeffer says: “We want to win the game and say goodbye to the summer holidays with a win. The national players also want to travel to their national teams with a good feeling.” The latter applies to Riddle Baku, among others, who is headed by national coach Jogi Luv He was not nominated for the European Championship for the German national team, but instead he will compete with U21 in the European Championship Finals. Coach Stephane Koontz will announce the squad on Sunday.

It won’t be easy with the sixth best team winning in the second half of the season. Mainz had already scored 29 points in the second half of the season, 22 points more than the entire first half. Mainz played the excellent second half of the season. You can just take off your hat, “says Schaeffer and recalls roughly the two landing seasons in 2017 and 2018, when VfL couldn’t get out of a precarious situation as well as FSV.” We know from my past that when you are in a situation like this, it is not easy to pull the lever. They did so admirably. “On Saturday, Svenson could beat him and break the second-half record for Thomas Tuchel (now Chelsea FC). With a draw in Wolfsburg, it would be the previous Minzer’s best point in the 2013/14 crack season.

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