A turning point in the last hour, the era of Netanyahu- Corriere.it ends in Israel

The sheet with the signatures to be delivered to the chief was ready in the morning, there were five signatures in blue ink, and three were missing. Till the end. The Change Alliance has reached the limit of nerves and time for it Yair Lapid Before we announce the deal that can – there is still confidence in Parliament next week – They suspended Benjamin Netanyahu for 12 years in power.

Rotation mechanism – Naftali Bennett becomes prime minister first, then it’s up to Lapid, who is now foreign minister – he hacked into the details of the negotiations and in the afternoon the biggest hurdle was who should get a seat on the Justice Committee between Merav Michaeli, the leader of the Labor Party, and Ayelet Shaked, number two in the settler party led Bennett. The crisis happened with a small rotation.

More delay. Mansour Abbas is the head of an Islamic formation and he could not confirm his blessing until after he got the green light from the religious council, he should get the position of deputy interior minister which is It is the first time that Israeli Arabs have participated in the government since 1977.

The Alliance collects very different pieces, at the moment it is being put together by Getting ready to bring Netanyahu home And to avoid a fifth election in two and a half years. Provides understanding that more ideological issues such as Negotiations with the Palestinians were left aside To focus on internal problems, from the economy to the need to restore unity after the clashes in recent weeks between Arabs and Jews and years of agitation against the left. Also yesterday, a group of Likud supporters protested in front of the building where party leaders were finalizing the agreement: Netanyahu loyalists, who are on trial for corruption, see Inversion change at the top.

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Instead, it went smoothly Isaac Herzog elected the eleventh president of Israel: He earned 87 first-round preferences and the position of his father Chaim between 1983 and 1993. Work, in politics since 1999 as an advisor to Ehud Barak, 60, is considered part of the Israeli aristocracy: bears the name of his grandfather who was the chief rabbi of Ireland and the leader of Ashkenazi Jews in Palestine under The British Mandate and then in the State of Israel since its establishment until 1959.

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