Biden's temptation, Beijing Chronicle Games District

“I was ashamed when I read that a group of countries had committed themselves to spending 2 percent of their GDP on arms purchases as a crazy reaction to this event!” This was stated by Pope Francis during his reception at the Center for Italian Women. “The real answer is not other weapons, other sanctions, or other political-military alliances – said the Pope – but another approach, a different way of ruling the world, without showing teeth, in a way that is now globalized, and establishing international relations.”

“We are thinking of a special gesture of tangible rapprochement with the visit of a delegation of bishops to those lands.” This was stated by the Secretary-General of the Independent Electoral Commission, Monsignor. Stefano Russo, speaking during the closing press conference of the Permanent Episcopal Conference on the situation in Ukraine and neighboring countries. In response to a question from journalists, Monsignor Rousseau added: “As for the delegation, President Bassetti will see how to organize the order and how it will be operationalized in a concrete way. There are many people fleeing from Ukraine.”

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