Eden Hazard, desire exists but no body (yet)

Eden Hazard, with a lighter heart, a freer mind, a fresh smile, and a proud head, was delighted to step foot on the crowded King Badouin Stadium and look back at his captain from the game. But there is more. You have to go a long way before you can see the magnificent Ethan again.

Watch Eden Hazard start with the Red Devils (against Estonia) on November 13, 2021 and enjoy such a situation under the Real Madrid jacket (against Elsewhere) until January 23rd. Lease!

When you love football, you can only admire Eden Hazard’s talented players. The plate that bothered him the most was removed to prevent him from becoming 100%. What frees it from a weight. The Netherlands had all the ingredients to restart: a favorable environment, a firm public …

The first touches of the ball are reassuring. He was involved in the Devils’ good deeds for the first quarter of an hour, especially when Costagne allowed the score to open with one shot.

Lack of juice

Shaken, constantly shaken by the tree, he did not irritate, did not complain ட்டத்தில் At the technical level, he is currently responding. Eden remains with Eden with this desire to enjoy a meadow. There were gestures but the accuracy was very low in minutes.

At the physical level, it should be expected, the fuel is depleted quickly and very quickly சிறிய The little jerk that once made a difference on a regular basis and the famous little jerk is no longer energetic. There is desire but it is not enough (yet). Half the time it was cooked.

The captain’s 117th hat will not be remembered, but it may be the beginning of a return to the highest level. Even if you have not dreamed of becoming a 31-year-old, the rhythm and sequence of matches is essential, and we will never see Eden again stun the entire planet at the World Cup in Russia … 4 years ago.

The most important thing is that he hopes to return to the top. This is very important. This is how Vincent Company, a former teammate, allowed the end of the past to pass when it seemed inevitable. The former Anderlecht coach pushed the boundaries. The mind is the key here … Eden wants to prove that he still has great things on the pitch, and it is not for nothing that he decided to continue the adventure in Madrid even though he was not guaranteed to play.

A little patience and confidence for a player who has given so much to the national team.

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