Johan Deniz retires, French crews qualify for semi-finals

5:22 a.m.: Yohann Diniz: ‘Couldn’t say stop in time’

“In 2017, I had to say I was walking out the front door, on the title of world champion, not battling all the time against physical glitches. Finally, I might have overworked the machine. And even if we did everything we needed to try and make a little From the face-lift, the body is no longer there. It was not the desire that was no longer there, but the maximum damage., I think I crossed it in Rio, I think I couldn’t go far in suffering anymore. I didn’t know how to say stop in time Appropriate, it’s unfortunate but it’s part of my personality, and that’s part of me. Basically, it was too much competition, too many Olympics. Anyway, I’m not today at all where I wish I could be, I couldn’t even finish the test” .

5:07 a.m.: Kayaking – French women in the semi-finals

( 3:07 a.m. French time).

4:41 a.m.: Show jumping – Nicholas Delmot lost the team event, replaced by Mathieu Bilot

Nicholas Delmott will not participate in the group showjumping qualifications. His horse, Urvoso du Roch, suffered from colic. It is a severe blow to the French national team, the Olympic champion, who will have to dispense with its leader, the finalist in the individual event.

Matthew Bilott on Quel Filou13 will replace him in the qualifications which will take place on Friday at 12pm (French time).

4:31: Athletics – The well-known women’s 4 x 100m relay formula

The French Athletics Federation has revealed the four sports who will compete in the women’s 4×100 final on Friday (3:30pm French time).

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And the four series will start up: Carol Zahi, Orlan Ombesa Dzango, Jemima Joseph, and Cynthia Lido). The French will compete in lane 2 against the Netherlands.

As a reminder, they finished fourth in their series with a size of 42”68, which is their best time of the season.

4:16 a.m.: Tsimanouskaya case: Two Belarusian coaches lose their accreditation

The International Olympic Committee announced, on Friday, the withdrawal of the accreditation of coaches from the Belarusian delegation for their role in the case of Kristina Tsimanskaya, who threatened to forcibly return her to Belarus after criticizing the sports bodies in her country.

“For the sake of the athletes of the Belarusian Olympic Committee who are still in Tokyo and on a temporary basis, the IOC canceled and last night withdrew the accreditations of MA Shimak and Y. Maisevich,” the Olympic body said on its Twitter account.

4:14: Liz Blue at the kayak match

The French crew failed to grab one of the first two positions in qualifying and finished fifth in the K4 series over the 500m.

The French can hope to reach the semi-finals with the quarter-finals scheduled for late Friday morning.

4h11: Kanoe – Adrian Bart in the semi-finals

Adrien Bart qualified for the semi-finals of the single-seat (C1) 1000m boat event by finishing second in his series on Friday. Bronze medalist at the 2019 World Championships at distance, he was defeated only by Moldovan Sergei Tarnovci.

He will play Saturday’s semi-final early Saturday morning and will have to finish in the top four to advance to the final scheduled for Saturday at 4:53 a.m. French time.

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4:02: Johan Deniz gives up walking 50 km

The end of Johan Deniz’s career with his retirement in Tokyo for the last Olympic Games. Shortly after halfway through, the Frenchman sat on the side of the road in Sapporo, this time not setting off again.

This race presents a new challenge at the age of 43 for the world record holder in the discipline. World champion in 2017, Deniz will never be able to win a medal at the Olympic Games.

Pole David Tomala was crowned Olympic champion at 3:50:08 on the last remote appearance at the Games. He leads the German Jonathan Hilbert by 36 seconds, and Canadian Evan Dunphy.

4h00: Welcome to this livestream

Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream from the Tokyo Olympics.


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