Kasri Loneliness, Mouka under the water

Kasri never gave up

If he had not often forgotten Ramirez and followed the direction of the game, Stephanois would not have stopped the striker Bordeaux from taking the risk on goal. With the strike or his usual pressure, he weighed in on the Bordeaux defense.

The best chart would be his second term. He may have been drowned in the rain after his failed fight on the Coast (68th), leaving him to dry out ahead. At a ball confused by Bordeaux defense, he misplaces Maxer, steals the ball from him and tricks Costill into equalizing (73rd). An attempt is ultimately futile.

Moccasin at the bottom of the bucket

Wrongly throwing too far forward in midfield from the start of the game, leaving a gap on the back of Attlee (7th), the sergeant was never able to rise to the surface, while the water and buckets fell on his head. Team.

Hesitant several times in his interventions and reminders, he was again feverish as the water returned from the locker room. When the Greens equalized, he missed the head for a long-term recovery from the Coast, allowing Hwang Odin to start, including Mou Gaudi for the winning goal (80th).

Colo, piston without spring

Interested in the full back position since the start of the season, the hall above the left arm seemed less comfortable. At times when looking for his place, he especially put a little weight on the attack plan where his role should be paramount. Continuing to be submerged by Pembali, Girondins could not have managed his attacks if the attackers had been more motivated.

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Bovanga is always looking for accuracy

Again, Capones was jealous of the right side of the Saint-Etienne game, but, again, his accuracy and ambiguity in the last movements demonstrates the problem. His shot was very passed when he was in a great situation (14th) or directly centered in the hands of Costill, just before the double from Hwang. Although Grosso stood alone without Capones’ attention, he did not find the goalkeeper’s gloves (79th).


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