Pauline, excluded from 'Koh Lanta': 'Physically, I've reached the end of myself'

She had inherited a cursed bracelet at the end of the first episode of “Koh-Lanta, the Cursed Totem”. In each House, Pauline was subjected to an automatic vote against it. However, this young car communications manager – she’s a former karting champion and her little brother, Theo Burshire, shines in F2 – has never been threatened.

Protected by her former Green and then Red Tribe comrades, she manages to reunite before leaving a few days later, after losing a knockout round. The series aired on the show on Tuesday evening.

What are your goals for participating in “Koh-Lanta”?

Pauline. to outdo myself. In the adventure, I didn’t want to leave first. And then, they came to a reunion. From that moment on, we began to hope to win, or at least go as far as possible.

What surprised you the most?

The physical difficulty of what we endure. We know it’s going to be tough, that we’re going to get hungry, but we only really realize that when we’re there.

You are quite conservative on screen, how do you explain that?

It’s not my character at all, but in “Koh-Lanta” we have to adapt if we want to go far. I inherited a damn bracelet way too early, and it hurt me a little. I had to make sure not to make waves, and not accentuate too much so I could keep going. I was fortunate to be with adventurers who valued and protected me, but I always felt like I had a wielding sword hanging over my head.

In the episode that aired last week, you and your ex-Red Teammates make good on Luana’s promise to protect Colin. Why eliminate it at this time?

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I left to vote against any other yellow, except for Nicola, who was previously green like me. The old colors reappeared: Jean-Charles and Amber did not want to vote against the former Violet, Geraldine did not want to put the name Olga, who was a former blue like her, etc. In the end, all the Reds had at least one person they wanted to protect. They preferred to save those who are related to the previous wounds, rather than Colin. As for me, since it was the last tip for my cursed bracelet, I followed the group’s motion to not take the risk. It’s an unfortunate decision, but a strategic one.

How would you explain your defeat in the dog test, which led to your disqualification?

When I get to this game, I’m neither confident nor anxious. In the few singles events so far, I’ve been in the middle of the group, so I didn’t see myself losing. But it’s been a few days since I had a little cold, so I was a little out of phase, and I wasn’t very clear. Physically, I had reached the end of myself, and the mind was not enough to catch up.

Is it easier to leave the game than to be dumped by others?

Looking back, I’d rather leave because of my fault, because it’s easier to forgive yourself than to have to forgive betrayal. When I saw the sadness in the eyes of my red teammates, it proved their sincerity, and that everything we had lived before was true. I hope they go as far as possible to represent me too.

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How much weight have you lost?

Between eight and nine kilograms, in twenty-five days of adventure. It’s hard, especially since I didn’t go to the end! If so, you might have lost a bone! (He laughs).

Was it difficult to return to France?

Even today, I find it hard to deny myself moments of happiness in terms of food. We were deprived so much that if I wanted to eat chocolate or sweets, I had a hard time restraining myself. Also returning to civilization is very strange: seeing people, phone ringing in all directions, wearing a mask!

What was your reaction when you learned that François, whom you met throughout the match, was accused of manslaughter?

It is something that does not concern me and has nothing to do with adventure. François was a wonderful adventurer who protected me so much, he was so nice to me. I am not with the media court, I would prefer justice to be served.

What are your projects today?

I would like to open a YouTube channel for presentations on motorsports and sports in general. We’ll see what it gives!


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