Insights: Why didn't the series with Louane convince netizens?

The new series VisionsWorn by singer and actress Louane, it premiered Monday, May 16, 2022 on TF1. Viewers were somewhat disappointed, and for a very specific reason, as they captured on Twitter…

Louane Emera returns to the screen in Visions. The famous singer seduced the audience with her first movie role in pregnancy family by Eric Lartigau. Interpretation I earn César Award for Best Female Hope in 2015. Then she starred patriots Written by Gabriel Le Bumen in 2017, then hunger By Léa Frédeval in 2018. Then, on TV, she was photographed in blind dead By Julien Aubert in 2020. In the new TF1 series, including The first episode was broadcast on Monday, May 16, 2022, Luanne interprets the role of Sarah, a young psychologist. His character creates a special bond with Diego, an eight-year-old boy who shows strange visions, while a young girl of the same age has recently gone missing.. “It’s crazy because it’s the first time I’ve been caught A role far from what I feel in lifeLouane captured in an interview with Tele-Leisure. So what do viewers think?

“It’s cute, it’s soft”

In light of the backlash on Twitter, netizens were divided over Louane’s acting, who gave the answer to Marie-Ange Casta, Max Buble, Jean Hughes Engled or even Anne Marivin. As for the production, many viewers expressed disappointment. Actually, Some find the pace too slow. They did not utter the words. “It’s still too slow… and I’ve never found Luanne a good actress”; “Good. It’s still too slow. And there’s a lot of silence”; “HPIEvery episode is fun, fast, fresh and there’s TF1 reshaping us An old fashioned TV with a super soft thriller series… worthy of the nineties series “;” It’s cute, it’s soft “;” Well, I didn’t pick it up and it’s soft VisionsI stop searching…”;”The plot is good, but what is its duration … ”And We read among the messages posted on the social network on Blue Bird. How do you lower the audience? Follow…

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