Lions’ Den: Dagmar Wöhrl admits: “I’ve never shaved my legs” (Photo montage with Legs by Nico Rosberg)


On the fifth episode of “The Lion’s Cave” Monday night on Vox, entrepreneur Dagmar Worl, 67, admitted that she’s never shaved her legs. Investor Judith Williams was surprised.

Cologne – Dagmar Wöhrl put in Lion’s Den hairy confession how from IPPEN.MEDIA Reports. Listen to the former member of the Bundestag Episode 5 (on TVNOW) Right at the start of Vox’s startup showcase, in the words of “Shavent” founder Romy Lindenberg and her father, Armin Lutz Seidel.

Innovative razor “Shavent” in “Den of the Lions”

With the luxury shaver “Shavent”, father and daughter want to save 3,000 tons of plastic waste annually in Germany. The innovative shaver has interchangeable heads and blades and is made from a single piece. However, for a package over €105, a wet razor is expensive. ‘Not a deal’, Dagmar Wöhrl comments on the founders’ plan at Lion’s Den.

Despite the €205,000, Dagmar Forl remained skeptical. The woman from Nuremberg isn’t exactly familiar with the wet razor, as she herself reveals during the pitch.

“Shavent” lodged in the lions’ den near Vox.


Twitter users laugh at investor Dagger Worl’s confession of his hair in ‘Black Den’

“I’ve never shaved my legs”, the entrepreneur confesses to fellow investors Judith Williams, Carsten Machmeyer, Nils Glago and Ralph Dummel (10 photos showing how much Ralph DeMille suffers when he doesn’t get a deal in the lion’s den Receive). The colleagues seemed a little puzzled at first, before Judith Williams commented, “You also have thin, thinning hair.”

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The shaving confession didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter either. Twitter user Andreas Olschewski comments with a laughing emoji. User Kreese says: “”Honey? We’re in bed and you’re still wearing fur shoes? Dagmar Wöhrl: “Ah, no? “

Several lions, including Dagmar Wöhrl, wanted to join the father-daughter team. In the end, Judith Williams and Nico Rosberg were awarded the contract for Munich startup Shavent. The two investors received 15% of the company’s shares for an investment of 220,000 euros.


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