After an insane end to the match, Colomiers defeated Bayonne to become the interim leader of Pro T2

At this meeting on the 7th day of Pro T2, the Colomiers (27-26) won against Bayonne on Thursday night, with a try in the 77th minute and a penalty try at the stops of the game.

Play, play, play. A great environment, a sold-out ground, two teams wanting to deliver an attack, everything was for a good rugby match. In the 16th minute, the magic knocked on the doors of this rhythmic start to the game: Bayon winger Joe Rowe got a pass at the foot of Max Lafayette to please send Asian Uzaraka to the test with one hand.

Bayonne took the score (3-7), beautiful passing shots followed each other and the match was a bit quiet. The scoreboard was awarded by two successful scores (6-10, 38th). But before the break, Colmiers pushed to record his early penalty attempt. At half-time, the locals thanked the Medical Basques for an excellent scrum.

Then the Colmarins’ game came to an abrupt end. Alexis Paulison, France’s former Fifteenth Century International, used a brilliant kick to return to the closed space and pursue Edouard Cory. The test of faith, Thomas Girard (20-26, 77th) was converted in the corner. It took Bayonne three minutes to try everything for three of Michael Campagnarov’s teammates. Maxim Javax, alternate starter, time to change the game.

Javax and 50-22

With a terrible kick just 22 meters in front of it, the 22nd saw a touchdown at the Bayon camp. More precisely in 22 passes … the new rule came into force, and the Colomiers recovered the throw. Repeated mistakes near his line, Bion finally scatter: Luvamanu 5m. Yellow card, penalty try and change of victory The result of the match without even typing a columbine. Rowing will no longer be defeated in the Pro T2, and Colomiers will be interim leader. On a rugby night, from start to finish.


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