Belt and Sudden Weight Loss: What Happened to Kim?

After a month of absence Kim Jong-un Back in the spotlight. During his first public appearance since May 6, in the latest images published by satellite media, the North Korean president made a clear appearance. lost weight.

Kim’s weight

At first everyone was wondering where Kim ended up. As soon as it reappeared, experts focused their attention on other details:The physical aspect Chief, it seems thinner than usual. The change of the great leader immediately sparked new speculation about his status as salute. Is Kim Jong Un sick or is he sick? The question, an end in itself, is destined to remain unanswered.

However, there is one detail worth mentioning, and it is in the file left wrist The head of state of North Korea. Site NK News He made a comparison between Kim’s most recent photos and older photos. Well, compared to photos taken in late 2020 and last March, the leader’s wrist looks thinner. Can you try again? There is a longer part of the ligamenthour Portofino Automatic by IWC, which is usually worn by the president. An hour, according to some experts, will have an estimated value of about $12,000.

Diet or health problems?

This isn’t the first time Kim’s health has ended in the middle speculation, true or assumed. A year ago, for example, a three-week absence from public events sparked conflicting rumors. For some, the commander was seriously ill after undergoing heart surgery. According to other sources, Kim was in a coma, or worse, dying. The rumors stopped, in part, only after the appearance of the president.

The last case again caused half an uproar. Kim was immortalized during a meeting of the Politburo of the Workers’ Party of Korea. At first glance, the great leader would actually look thinner than expected. However, it is unclear whether the alleged weight loss is related to the decision to follow one diet or for one person Illness.

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Kim appears to be a heavy smoker, while his father Kim Jong Il died of cardiac arrest in December 2011. A year ago, according to the South Korean National Intelligence Service, the North Korean leader weighed more than 140 kg. It also appears that Kim has gained £6-7 a year since coming to power in late 2011.

Great Leader Evolution

If we look back at the great leader’s political life from his rise to power onwards, we can distinguish three stages. In the first stage, we have a very small leader, thin and rather skinny. At some point, the North Korean president begins to gain weight. For any reason? According to some experts, the strategy would have been to look at his grandfather as closely as possible, Kim Il Sung, the eternal president of North Korea. And so we enter the second stage, in which we have a weighted Kim, and in at least two cases we support him with a stick. The third and final stage, this stage, experiences a thinner head.

Vipin Narang, associate professor of political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, noted that if the president’s weight loss meant better health and further strengthening of his position, it could lead to an increase Predictability North Korean government to regional players, starting with Japan, South Korea, and the United States; On the other hand, if weight loss is dependent on a deterioration in health conditions, there may be a struggle for succession behind the scenes, with risks of instability.


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