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Jean-Francois Lavelle


Physical reception only

Upon appointment

This is according to Kristin Bisso Nisses, director of public finance at UP, the great novelty of this income ad campaign. We remember that last year, during the first reservation, public reception was canceled, at least physically, just because the tax services were closed. ” This year, our services are open to welcome the public. But no one will be welcomed along the water. It will be necessary to schedule an appointment to get a phone or physical appointment She explained.


“The rule is online advertising”

The message is renewed every year. However, many Opois still prefer to use paper media to advertise their income. For example, in 2020, out of 174,281 Aube tax households, 84,000 were declared online, just less than half. ” We are just below the national average », Admits Kristen Bisso Ones. And it repeats the rule on this occasion: Permissions on paper are only given to people not equipped with computers. Suffice it to say this has to relate especially to a certain number of seniors, and a little bit of the fact of dealing with a computer tool.

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The automatic advertising system has been extended

This formula is for taxpayers who only declare income known to the administration – salaries and pensions – and who have not seen any change in their address or marital status. ” Last year we showed it to just over 110,000 Aube taxpayers. 53,300 benefited », Says the Director of Public Finance.

New in 2021: Users who announced that children who were born or adopted in 2020 before the end of February 2021 in “Manage my discount at source” become eligible for automatic announcement.



For social contributions

Another novelty of 2021. This year, self-employed, liberal professions and merchants will no longer have to complete a social return: the tax return will also be used to create social contributions. This does not concern the medical sector, nor the paramedical, nor the farmers, who will have to wait until next year to take advantage of this novelty.


CITE extension

This relates to all those who want to do work related to energy saving. CITE has been extended and the nature of eligible spending remains.


you will pay

Lower tax?

This is perhaps the central question for taxpayers when filling out their return. The Finance Act 2020 states that Modify the brackets of the income tax scale For about 17 million tax families, the profit should be around 300 euros. Will it be a part of it?


Some novelties

Overtime working hours between March 16 and July 10 are exempt up to € 7,500.

– Extraordinary Purchasing Power Bonus paid no later than December 31 to employees who have received bonuses less than three times the minimum wage tax-free up to a maximum of € 1,000.

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– Exemption from the exceptional premium – the Covid premium – paid to some public officials and officials.

– The extension of the retirement compensation over a period of four years and the division of the notice of the termination compensation in the event of dismissal shall be canceled for the compensation received from January 1, 2020.

The telework allowance is exempt, up to a maximum of 50 euros per month.

Contacts and schedules

Aube’s three public financial centers – Troyes, Bar-sur-Aube and Romilly-sur-Seine – will welcome the public, with an appointment in advance, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The division’s nine French service spaces (Bouy, Chater, Estesac, Saint-Leigh, Bar-sur-Aub, Soline, Vinduvre, Marigny-le-Chatel and Villenaux-La-Grande) may provide general information on the revenue declaration. Information by phone, or even the ability to make a physical appointment.

The only number for scheduling an appointment is as follows:



Submit declarations On paper mailed: until April 20.

Online ads and availability Intangible Automatic Statements: Since April 8th.

Deposit deadline Paper ads: Thursday May 20.

Announcement deadline Online: Wednesday, May 26.


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