Error message that people cannot create a new character on the New World server.

Photo: Amazon / Kotaku

It’s a good thing hundreds of thousands of people are trying your game. However, like most things in life, too much of a good thing is a good…bad thing.

Amazon Game Studios is dealing with it now, as the recently launched New World MMO struggles to keep up with the rising number of players. In an effort to get the issue under control, there is a new change that prevents people from creating new characters on crowded servers.

After many delays and beta releases, New World MMORPG from Amazon finally launched on September 28. While many, including Mike Fahey from Kotaku, enjoyed the new game, it has been plagued by server issues and bugs since day one. In the first 24 hours or so, more than 700,000 players rushed into the game, trying to jump online, and many faced long queues. Players reported wait times of 212 hours on some servers or, you know, waited over a week.

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Since some players have stopped trying to play all hours of the day, things have calmed down a bit and the connection is easier. But for people connecting to a fully loaded server, long queues are still a problem. Amazon has suggested that new users create characters on low-count servers, promising that character transfers are an upcoming feature in the near future.

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To really make sure that the populated servers don’t keep exploding, AGS has now updated the game and prevented people from creating new avatars on nearly 30 servers marked as “complete”. The developers explained that this was only a temporary fix, assuming that as more players spread across more servers and the total number of concurrent users decreased, new characters would crash. It will not be necessary.

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Along with this new change, Amazon has launched a server status page for the game, so people can easily see how crowded their new world server is at a glance.


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