Ripple Effect Studios: DICE LA Changes Its Name Again, New Secret Project Under Development

Dreamworks InteractiveAnd the EA Los Angeles After the acquisition and merger with it EA Pacific And the Westwood StudiosAnd the Danger closing games and recently Says : behind the team Medal of Honor And many of its sequels have gone through many identities since its founding in 1995. It changed focus again last year with the arrival of Vince Zampella from Entertainment Repost As Managing Director, under Director Christian Grass, he is currently involved in the development of Battlefield 2042, after help Star Wars Battlefront.

The project was already in 2020 to rename the studio, and that’s what it’s officially doing today electronic arts. forget SaysHere Ripple Effect Studios ! she Take the opportunity to slip that the company “begins to develop a project that has not yet been announced”, in parallel with Battlefield 2042.

“At Ripple Effects Studios, the focus is on innovation and quality for every project, because even a small idea can change the world. This is what defines the studio’s new name,” explains Christian Grass, CEO of Ripple Effect Studios. DICE LA and the DICE team are in our DNA forever. But over the past eight years, we’ve developed our own culture and our own way of doing things. Looking to the future, growing the team and establishing our own identity. “

“The studio has an excellent reputation and is keen to become a leading new player in high-quality game development,” said Vince Zampella, founder of Respawn Entertainment. “With a new campus set up in Los Angeles and working remotely, now is the perfect time to join us.”

Ripple Effect Studios Logo Header

The editor specifies that the two men will participate in The future of first-person shooters, conference beforeEA Play Live Where is the future Battlefield 2042 And the Apex Legends It will be discussed, which will take place on July 8 at 7:00 pm. This futuristic multiplayer shooter can also be pre-ordered 74.99 euros in Amazon.

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