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Washington [US], June 22 (ANI): Samsung and Google’s upcoming new smartwatch platform, which will integrate Wear OS and Tizen together, may get its first preview at MWC 2021 at Samsung’s virtual presentation.
According to The Verge, Samsung announced that the virtual event will focus on the Galaxy ecosystem, the new watch experience, and mobile security. The event will be broadcast on June 28 from 1:15 to 2 p.m. ET.
The official MWC event page states that the South Korean tech giant is “reimagining smartwatches, creating new opportunities for both developers and consumers,” which seems to indicate at least some sort of first look at the future of Samsung’s smartwatches.

The new smartwatch operating system was announced at Google I/O earlier this year, and it’s a big moment for both companies.
Samsung smartwatches are a high watermark for Android wearables, but they’ve been using their own operating system and app store for years. While Google Wear OS, despite the power of the Play Store and Google’s ability to integrate it more deeply with its services and Android, has suffered from a lack of powerful hardware partners.
A new collaborative project could solve the two companies’ problems, making a preview of the new operating system (temporarily known as Wear) an exciting potential first look at what could be a new wearable force.
The other two aspects of the event, “Galaxy Ecosystem” and “Mobile Security”, are somewhat more ambiguous, although the invitation displays the Knox logo, which would make sense for the latest announcement.
MWC is a tech fair where tech giants Google and Samsung both participate and mesmerize their fans with their new endeavors. Due to the pandemic, both companies withdrew from physical participation in this year’s edition due to employee health concerns. (Ani)

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