Young Gamblers in

At the Christmas special, program chief Jörg Dräger (76) was impressed by a young talent and admitted: “You dropped me!”

Leah, Julia and Marie were the first candidates for the third edition of the show and wanted to play with Jörg Draeger. Together, the three women may not have been the age of a TV dinosaur – which is why presenter Daniel Bushman (41 years old) admitted: “Girls, you probably didn’t necessarily see him live at the time…”

His urgent warning to Jörg Draeger: “Don’t look him in the eye and don’t cover up.”

Then Christmas began! Each candidate received three snowballs. What the three didn’t know: Zonk was hidden under eight of the nine balls. But none of the three candidates wanted to dissuade them from the lead with money. Draeger to Marie: “Shall I tell you now what happens to unruly young women, as hard as it is to me?” Zonk! Marie came out. Leah also later flew.

Candidate Julia was particularly persistent and stayed! Draeger to Teacher: “Can you imagine that I am such a young, charming, and prosperous lady that I could deceive you?” You immediately: “Yes!”

Jörg Draeger (left) and Daniel Boschmann gambled for Christmas presents at the Christmas parade of “Go all out!”Photo: SAT.1/Frank Hempel

“Please stand there,” Drager asked Julia, and then the show director got down on his knees! “The suit is new, €298. Julia, please.” But Julia stays with the ball. Drager excited: “It’s tough.”

Veteran Draeger turned to Buschmann in despair: “What do I do with the kid?” Then get rid of Drager psychological tricks!

He said to Julia, “What month were you born? With May. It might have a lot to do with spring. If you continue like this, you will be in fall without noticing it.” Dräger began counting the money: “100, 200, 300, 400, 500 – Just say “Stop!” between them.” But the teacher from Meckenheim wanted to keep her ball!

Daniel Bushman in a worship program audience

Daniel Bushman in the audience of the cult show “Go on the Commons!”Photo: SAT.1/Frank Hempel

“Attention. Here is 1000 euros. With every second I take Hunni.” But Julia remained strong-willed and continued to gamble! Dräger enthuses: “It’s so hard, it’s so exciting. It’s Gate #1.” Behind Gate 1, Julia was waiting for a bundle of Apple products worth about €9,000! The candidate was excited – Dräger, too: “Your knees are too weak, come up very slowly. You did it sensationally! It couldn’t be better.” And she softly sent afterwards: “You put me down!”

Double chance of confusion

Candidate Wolfgang from Frankish Krumbach in southern Hesse witnessed a little miracle at Christmas! In a completely ordinary game, Wolfgang managed to win a Sony camera worth 1200 euros. Then Daniel Bushman drew two numbers for a new round, because everyone in the audience had received a pre-numbered Christmas ball.

Buschmann pull 160 – this belongs to Wolfgang! Buschmann went insane, and Wolfgang asked: “Would you like to gamble yourself or who should gamble?”

Moderator Daniel Bushman at .'s Christmas Party

Moderator Daniel Bushman at the Christmas Party Special for “Go Everything!”Photo: SAT.1/Frank Hempel

And even crazier: When Buschmann called 160, candidate Monique called for the first time. The tax specialist listened poorly and actually got the number 116. Very happy!

There was a 200 euro consolation. Bushman drew the second number after 160. Moderator Monique: “If the 116 comes now, I’ll freak out. Then I want the money back, Monique!” Bushman pulled 116 – crazy! a wish?

The supervisor was clearly shocked: “I have chills. What is going on here?” Monique got on an electric scooter on the second try. She didn’t have to forego 200 euros of consolation money after all.

In return, Silke and Wolfgang managed to win an electric car worth 33,000 euros at the Big Deal and did everything right! Dräger was touched and in the Christmas mood: “Only two people who are so close and love each other can do this together.”

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