Julien Doré is almost 40 years old: why the singer had to return to sports

In a few months, Julien Doré will celebrate his fortieth birthday. In the columns of La Provence on Saturday, February 19, the singer explained why he decided to return to sports while taking care of his diet.

Members Julian Dore-Don’t go on your way. From Saturday, February 26, the singer discovered in new star In 2006 he will start his “Emmy Tour” tour. And he’ll put up his microphone for the first date at the Arena du pays d’Aix. A real happiness for the singer who recently became a father. corn source of tension also ! “I’m so excited to find the stage and discover the show and at the same time get nervous‘, entrusts the singer with a clasp in poles Provence This Saturday, February 18th.

It must be said that for a few years Julian Dore has been no longer on stage in a large hall. “Almost five years“, He specifies. “I’m scared, but I can’t wait to find people who love me. I like to feel this mixture of tension and tension, it means I still have something to say‘, confirmed by ex-Louis Burgoyne. So, just to prepare for D-Day, Julien Doré decidedWatch out for [son] food“It’s even”back to sports“.

Julian Dore wants to be at his best

During the rehearsals I understood that, in fact, two hours of the show required you to be in great shape!“, justifies. Because after several years without performing on stage, translator Coco Cuddle I had to rework his bodyagricultural quarantine Who will be back on stage again running, singing, dancing and engaging the audience“.

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Yes, it is a passion, but it is also a responsibility: to ensure that for the thousands of people who will be there every evening, At the height of a form of expectation, certainly emotional but also artistic“, confirms the musician. Therefore, a few days before the premiere, Julien Doré is very eager to return to the stage.The play you wrote is very bold. You will ask me physically Some acrobatics To ensure the success of the surprises you wrote‘, trusts. Just a few days to wait!


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