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Mexico City. – Alfredo Adam You might hit a wall on your way to the Federal Council of Tlalpan, where it looks like you will soon face a class-action lawsuit.

Announce it Diana GoldenFormer partner of the party’s candidate Progressive social networks (RSP), Who applied to the programChisme is not like“The perpetrator will soon be accountable to the law for everybody It hurts.

It was a civil lawsuit, and now there’s another one in a group, but since it’s just getting prepared, I can’t say anything. We are not going to stay like that, the people who were affected. He has to pay sooner or later, and if not, life will pay him for it, “he said.

Alfredo Adam must apologize publicly

Regarding the lawsuit she won against him for defamation on a TV show, she announced that the actor should pay her 20,000 pesos and Make a public apology.

However, Alfredo Refusal To receive notification from the authorities and comply with the judge’s ruling, so his legal problems are now so exacerbated that It can be recovered.

“(The lawsuit) hit him. He has his possessions in the name of the eldest daughter so that he does not give anything to the children of Mary Baz, and I do not know what the judge and the lawyer will do, but they have to deliver (notice) to him and he said,” Now that if he did not pay the money and did not make a public apology within 15 years Or 20 days, a ban will be imposed. “

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“I don’t have anything to do with him anymore. (I’m just) waiting for him to do the right thing, and now that he’s a candidate standing up for women from men like him, you coward.”

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