The intense kisses between Nyorca and Juan Vidal at The House of Celebrities 2

The second season of famous house It attracts the attention of the audience and continues to give what to talk about. On this occasion, those who caused an uproar among the viewers were: Nyorca Marcos and Juan Vidalbecause both characters shine through emotional moments of physical closeness.

And that’s a season ago reality From TelemundoHe started noticing Great chemistry between a Cuban dancer and a dancer born in the Dominican RepublicUnleashing all kinds of rumours. Now, after their latest methods, social network users and viewers are confirming that celebrities may have secretly started a relationship.

In recent days, both celebrities have been seen together and loving each other, but It was their passionate kisses that gave more to talk aboutWell, while some assert that there is attraction and chemistry between them, there are those who assert that it is a strategy for both of them to keep competing.

Approaches between Cubans and Vidal are increasingly repeated in The House of Celebrities 2 (Photo: screenshot)

The latest kiss captured by multiple cameras in the house where showin Miami, quickly spread on social networks, where Nyurka was seen in the kitchen of the house, when the 45-year-old actor approached her He surprises her and then Nyorka holds her and they have a long kiss.

“Wow, the fever came home,” “Mama Neo came to win the jackpot and coincidentally some love affairs,” “Juan Vidal made her nervous from that kiss, but who wouldn’t?” And “it won’t be long to see them in action” are some of the comments read on social networks about the unexpected kiss.

It is also believed that their kisses could be part of a strategy to boost the show (Image: Instagram @niurka.oficial / @juanvidalgil)
It is also believed that their kisses could be part of a strategy to boost the show (Image: Instagram @niurka.oficial / @juanvidalgil)

The situation was also addressed in the program, where they questioned a singer Empress If with Vidal It wasn’t a strategy and they were playing with itto which Nyurka replied with humor: “I’m a very good actress, but what a rich kiss,” this is how Yvonne Monteiro replied after a fierce kiss with Vidal.

At the moment, Miley Alonso, Brenda Zambrano and "Potro" Gentleman (Image: Instagram/@telemundo)
Miele Alonso, Brenda Zambrano and “Potro” Caballero are currently eliminated (Image: Instagram/@telemundo)

Even Mami Neo and Cynthia Klettbo’s ex-boyfriend slept in the same bed, so my tenants famous house They have already begun to speculate whether Cuban will dare to have an intimate confrontation with the 45-year-old actor in front of the cameras.

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Days earlier, Nyorca had kissed Juan a good night kiss in front of his classmates. In addition to the obvious chemistry between the 54-year-old dancer and Vidal, the complicity in having fun and playing jokes is also notable, as they did with condoms the Cuban filled with cream.

The 45-year-old actor was Mr. Republica Mexicana (Image: Instagram/@juanvidalgil)
The 45-year-old actor was Mr. Republica Mexicana (Image: Instagram/@juanvidalgil)

But the approximations between Cuban and the former Mr. Dominican Republic You weren’t the only one raised in the controversy reality showwe will Eduardo Rodriguez and Daniela Navarro; e Yvonne Montero with Nacho Cassano They had moments when they were seen very close to each other.

In addition, Nyurca herself was the subject of comments a few days ago when she asked Yvonne Montero to kiss “Pequito”, to which the Mexican actress responded positively.

In 2021, Juan Vidal and Cynthia Klitbo had a relationship for several months (Image: Instagram / @laklitbocynthia)
In 2021, Juan Vidal and Cynthia Klitbo had a relationship for several months (Image: Instagram / @laklitbocynthia)

The Featured Cuban Become one of the most supported contestants And my dear ones in the program, thanks to the frankness and sincerity with which Emilio Osorio’s mother is distinguished when responding to the criticism directed at her.

This isn’t the first time the call has been made “Women’s Scandal” Spark rumors of a love story inside realityBecause at the beginning of the competition He was seen in a sensitive moment with Salvador ZarboniIt was filled with caress for a few minutes. Although the chemistry was obvious between them, the actress Adventure He ended those rumors by kissing Juan Vidal.

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