ZDF TV Garden: Kiwi settles scores with Luke Mockridge after his scandalous appearance

Luke Mockridge’s appearance at the ZDF Television Garden has been remembered as scandalous. Presenter Andrea Kewell is now reckoning with the comedian.

Mainz – ZDF TV park actually represents a good mood, festive atmosphere and good entertainment. Curator Andrea “Kiwi” Kewell also lives this wisdom every Sunday. But there are also moments when viewers, fans and the presenter drop their jaws in disbelief. Luke Mockridge has made perhaps the most memorable of its kind in the recent past.

ZDF TV Garden: Luke Mockridge scandalously appeared

The comedian’s debut in August 2019 turned into a serious scandal rather than casual entertainment. We remember: Mockridge was remembered for his bad jokes and sayings to make others feel ashamed. Among other things, he made underground gags around elderly people, imitated silly fart noises or jumped across the stage like a monkey. Fans at the site booed, and a stunned Kiwi intervened a few minutes later and halted his performance. On television, she described his behavior as “the worst behavior that can happen between artists and colleagues”.

As it turned out later, the background of his crazy appearance was very saucy. At that time, in September 2019, his own show “Luke! The Great Night Show“. So the scandalous appearance should draw attention to its presentation. Mockridge later apologized for appearing, saying that he had no intention of offending anyone at all. To compensate, he invited Kiwi to his show. However, the presenter never appeared in his Sat.1 program. And even nearly two years after the incident, Kiwi doesn’t seem to have begun to forgive later. But on the contrary.

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ZDF TV garden scandal: Years later, Kiwi thinks with Mukridge

The presenter recalled the scandalous scene in a report on the ZDF program “Hello Deutschland” on the occasion of the 35th birthday of the TV Garden. Kiwi still resents Mucridge over the incident. “My viewers are sacred to me,” says the 56-year-old in an interview with ZDF radio. And it counts heavily again with the comedian star. “He said really bad things there. I was so angry. To this day it’s one of my greatest accomplishments, because I kept impulse control and didn’t jump his throat,” she says.

At the moment, Kiwi broadcasts the ZDF TV park every Sunday from Lerchenberg in Mainz. The 2021 editions have so far been done without celebrity scandals. But then there was one excitement: One senior’s comment infuriated Andrea Kewell. (they have)

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