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The June 28 Celebrate International LGBT Pride Day And in the world of numismatics, we are on the long tablecloths because Collectors all over the world can already get it through a page Royal Mint United Kingdom, commemorative coin 50 pence to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pride Movement.

This currency is available in three versions (value in Mexican peso):

Cuproníquel Valued at $445.00 pesos

Plata Valued at $1,660.00 pesos

Silver in the form of a guide piedfort (Thick) valued at $2800.00 pesos

euroworth 27000.00 dollars peso

the currency Designed by LGBTQ+ activist, Dominic Holmes in collaboration with Pride London It uses the latest color printing technology to bring The colors of the rainbow flag are on special colored coins, along with the words “pride,” “protest,” “vision,” “unity,” and “equality.”

Coins commemorating the LGBT+ movement (Photos: Royal Canadian Mint and The Royal Mint)
Coins commemorating the LGBT+ movement (Photos: Royal Canadian Mint and The Royal Mint)

In addition to the traditional pride rainbow, the coin It features the colors of the “progress” flag recently adopted by LGBT+ activistswith white, pink, and blue stripes to represent the transgender community, and black and brown stripes to represent black people.

however, In the world of numismatics, there is a noticeable lack of pride commemorations and the challenges the LGBTQA+ community has faced historically.

In fact, The first and only coin in circulation to recognize and advance this community towards equality in Canada was minted in 2019. It is a dollar coin depicting two intertwined faces and the phrases ‘Equality’ and ‘EGALITÉ’. Although itThe colorful and proof shapes of this coin were sold directly to collectors by the Royal Canadian Mint, and three million were minted for general circulation! The coins mark 50 years since the partial decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada and refer to the LGBTQ2 movement.

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We must remember that In Canada, the number “2” in LGBTQ2 refers to the concept of two souls among indigenous peoples, to have both masculine and feminine qualities.which was used by some indigenous peoples of Canada as a way to describe their gender identities.

Unofficially, in the 1980s in Chicago, when a city ordinance guaranteeing equal rights for the gay community failed, they began stamping paper money with “Gay $” in red to express their economic presence and power. also, Some of the banknotes currently in circulation in the United States are stamped with the words QUEER CASH A fifty dollar bill with a stamp on it Purple Lesbian Money On his back as a protest.

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