Family holidays abroad, 10 ideal destinations: a true paradise for those with children

If you want to enjoy beautiful holidays abroad this year but don’t know the best destinations for families, here they are all.

We are finally here in the most beautiful season, summer. Although not everyone likes the heat, especially in recent years, the temperatures have reached unimaginable levels and are difficult to bear, with the advent of summer. One of the most anticipated moments of the year, the holiday moment. If there are those who like to enjoy it at home or near their area, enjoy walking in the surroundings or go to the beach a few hundred kilometers away, others dream instead of traveling around the world: Here are the perfect destinations if you have kids.

Perfect destinations for family holidays: discover them all (

It is not always easy to plan your vacation: If you are alone or in a couple you cope well with any situation, even in the most unusual or uncomfortable situation, you can resist, when there are children the situation changes, especially if they are very young. In addition to the reception structure, which must have some additional amenities, the destination must also be chosen carefully, as it must be welcoming and comfortable even in a stroller, as well as not too hot, cold or inhospitable. So here are the 10 perfect destinations.

Carinthia, Tokyo and Warsaw: different but special

Starting from Carinthia, one of the confederated states of Austria, there are many ideal destinations for holidays with children. This region is characterized by northern Europe A successful combination of lakes, mountains and sun: As a family, you can have a great week, with a wealth of activities to enjoy as well as stunning views.

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Your kids will never want to go home! However, if, on your first family holiday abroad, you want to go a step further and bring your little ones for a taste of the East, then Tokyo might be the perfect destination: multi-ethnic and charming, it offers many attractions for children incl Legoland Discovery CenterAnd Disneyland or KidZaniaA playground for all professions.

Tokyo, incredible attractions
Tokyo, incredible attractions for children (

Then we return to Europe with Warsaw is the capital of Poland. If this does not convince you and it does not seem ideal for a family holiday, you will immediately have to change your mind: a wide range of museums suitable even for the little ones, such as National Winter Park Stadium Where ice skating or a trampoline that allows you to jump like a kangaroo will make you fall in love instantly.

Mauritius, Singapore and Mallorca: sea, relaxation and history

Inevitably in the list of top ten perfect destinations for a family vacation abroad Mauritius is an island country in Africa It is located in the Indian Ocean. Its crystalline waters will instantly make you fall in love with it and your children, when they see the centuries-old animals and magnificent gardens of this island, they will never want to go home. However, if what you are looking for is not the sea but multi-ethnicity and modernity, then You should definitely bring your children to Singapore: Here they can savor the beauty of a truly cosmopolitan city and have fun at the SEA Aquarium or Adventure Cove Waterpark.

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Singapore, a cosmopolitan city full of attractions
Singapore, a cosmopolitan city full of attractions: ideal for families (

As usual, we then return to Europe, In beautiful and underrated Majorca. Belonging to the Balearic archipelago with Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, this island has the advantage of being easily accessible from Italy in just an hour by plane and offering families a wonderful sea, as well as many attractions that are perfect even for the little ones.

Brussels, Aruba, Naxos and the rarest pearl

Still in Europe, if you love European capitals and are looking for something not frivolous but family friendly, this is the place to go. Then you should head to BrusselsAnd the capital of the European Parliament and chocolate. Here you can not only enjoy the beauty of the city, but also enjoy interactive installations that will allow your children to better discover the European Parliament as well as Visit the magnificent Atomium, with its domain structure. On the other hand, if you love the sea and want to take your children to a wonderful and non-trivial destination, Book a flight to Aruba now: It is a wonderful tropical island, full of white beaches lapped by crystal sea.

Aruba, white beaches and crystalline sea
Aruba, white beaches and crystalline sea: a perfect place for families (

Always by the sea, perfect and loved by families Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades archipelago In the Aegean Sea: Although 3 days is enough to visit it completely, enjoy at least a week on this island and take your children to discover the story of the legend of Ariadne. Finally, the most beautiful and timeless destination, the dream of every sea lover: the moldive Islands.

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Well, yes, although it is a honeymoon destination, it is actually quite suitable for a family vacation as it offers many resorts with all the necessary amenities like a mini club, dedicated restaurant, and kiddie attractions. The animals of the place are amazing With sharks, turtles and dolphins: your kids will fall in love with it.


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