Nikki Haley wins the Republican primary in Washington, her first success against Trump.  It is: “The capital is a swamp”

Nikki Haley's first success in the Republican primaries. With Donald Trump winning hundreds of delegates who, if no surprises occur, will guarantee his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections, the former US permanent representative to the United Nations gets more votes in a region, but that does not change the balance much like Washington, D.C. Disorganized, as is often the case, however […]

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The first success of Nikki Haley In the Republican primaries. with Donald Trump Who wins hundreds of delegates who will ensure, if no surprises occur, his candidacy for the next presidential elections, that the former US permanent representative to the United Nations will obtain a greater number of votes in a region, but that does not change the balance as much as expected. Capital Washington. His rival's reaction was disorganized, as often happens, but without any special concerns. After defining republican policy”Chicken brainHe stressed that he “deliberately stayed away from Washington.” swamp, with very few delegates and no advantages. Chicken Brain spent all his time, money and effort there. The really big numbers will come Super Tuesday“March 5.

However, Haley can rejoice in the first real shock of her career to win the nomination. In an election campaign in which he tried to present himself as The third method Between a president who is also facing difficulty due to his advanced age and a competitor who has already revealed himself.”disaster“During his time in White HouseHoping for a return to tradition Neoconservatives USA, Haley failed to attract the votes of party supporters who were increasingly crushed on his positions pole. If inside The grand old party Although there is debate, the consensus that Trump is able to attract seems to make any kind of internal dissent possible Carnage game.

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Moreover, Haley's win in D.C. is no surprise, and for many analysts, the challenge in Washington may have been seen as the former governor's only chance to beat her rival. the pole He is not greatly loved by the 22,000 registered Republican voters in Washington, given that he won in 2020 without competitors, while in 2016 he came in third place.


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