Ovarian cancer at only 22 years old

He thinks he has problems intolerance Food but he discovers that he has cancer toOvary. Chloe Spitalnick22 years old, from Melbourne, was suffering from stomachache For some time, she was convinced that she had problems digesting certain foods, so she went to him doctor, which described tests that led to a more serious diagnosis. Tests showed that Chloe had up to three masses on her ovaries and that the tumor was progressing.

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“I immediately felt afraid for my life. I was at home lying in bed when the doctor called me and told me the news. “I couldn’t stop crying and I went crazy,” Chloe recalls, explaining that the diagnosis arrived shortly after lockdown, which is why the doctor only had to inform her about it over the phone. The doctor urged Chloe to go to the emergency room for further tests and after 15 hours of waiting confirmation arrived.

Chloe battle

Three days later, the student underwent surgery to remove the growths, but he was very anxious about the chemotherapy. It took ten weeks to recover from the surgery and he had to learn to walk again with the help of a physical therapist. Fortunately, everything went well, although she undergoes regular check-ups and the fear of recurrence never leaves her: “I am afraid it will come back without my knowing because there are no symptoms of ovarian cancer.” That’s why she chose to share her story: her goal is to raise awareness among women of all ages about prevention and getting regular checkups.

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