Dancing with the Stars: The wife of a famous dancer from the show will replace Dennitsa Ikonomova

With Dennitsa Ikonomova joining the jury for Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars, she will be replaced on stage with a very familiar face.

As Fauve Hautot did before her, Denitsa Ikonomova will join the jury of Dancing with the Stars, having been one of the dancers in the competition. Former companion Ryan Bensetti can count on a high-quality alternative: Coralie, wife of Christophe Licata, who will take the torch on stage.

stage in which Professional French Dance Champion He has already had the opportunity to dance several times, on several plates in previous editions. This time, Choral Licata will take center stage : “Official, I am happy to announce my participation in Dance with the Stars 11” The young woman announces on her Instagram profile.

The young woman, who has already won several official titles for the dancer, has not yet revealed the identity of her playing partner.

Wejdene, Tayc and Aurélie Pons in “Dance With The Stars”

If the health crisis has deprived viewers of Dance with the stars in 2020, the program intends to make up for it. This long absence seems to have allowed the show to get a makeover by incorporating some new features, starting with The offer that will now be presented by Kamil Kombal only.

For jurors, Chris Marquez remains the hard core of the team. The one who was accompanied by Patrick Dupond, who is sadly deceased, and Jean-Marc Genero, who left for France TV, may find a great friend in the person of Jean Paul Gaultier. The famous creator will be responsible for judging the visual and artistic part of each choreography.

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Regarding the rest of the cast, new winds are blowing on the show with participants like singers Tayc and Wejdene, youtubeur Michou, or even Aurélie Pons,One of the main actresses in the series Here Everything Starts, who will succeed her imaginary boyfriend Clement Reims.

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