Roman Boehringer humbly evokes Philip Ribot, her ex-husband's addiction to alcohol

“Separation”. Here is the solution he found Roman Boehringer And Philip Ribot when they separated to continue to live under the same roof, thus maintaining a family balance. In a wonderful interview in TeleramaPosted on the occasion of the broadcast of their series mysterious love (The Channel), a fictional and self-produced story of their unique breakup.

Director Roman Boehringer found a respectable way to deal with Philip’s alcoholism, an ailment he was able to cure. “Suppose we wonder how to talk about some sensitive stuff. In particular, we often wondered about the trajectory of Philip’s character, who in real life, he does not really have … Should he talk, for example, about his relationship with alcohol? At first, I didn’t want it at all. And then it is imposed upon us, with the logic of sincerity, and to tell any man, which father he really is.”, the director developed with our colleagues.

In the series, Philip Ribot talks about his alcoholism during a session with an addiction specialist. “Since it wasn’t about being heavy on him either, he shows up on a sequence bend with the addiction specialist, and Philip says very nice things there. Serious topics, we tried to deal with them without indulging in seriousness‘, she said.

Their original chapter had already inspired them for the eponymous movie, mysterious love, released in 2018. As a reminder, Roman Boehringer and Philip Ribot met in 2004 on the set of the TV movie The Belleville Triporteur. Together they welcomed two children: Rose and Raoul, and therefore still live under the same roof, in Montreuil.

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Find the full interview with Romane Bohringer in the latest issue of Telerama.


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