Meet Gaby Spanic's ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with a guy

For several years, Gaby Spanic managed to win the affection of her fans due to the countless productions in which she participated, such as “La Usurpadora”.

Aside from her talent which is admired by many, the Venezuelan has also been a sensation on TV screens for her beauty, so her romantic relationships are something of interest more than a follower of the actress.

However, until just a few weeks ago, Spanic still had a boyfriend, but seemed to suggest that it was all in the past after being a victim of infidelity with someone he never expected to happen.

According to the national magazine TVyNotas, the former member of “La Casa de los Famosos” was terribly disappointed when she found her ex-partner with another man, and as if that wasn’t enough, it all happened to her. private house.

Gabe Spanik revealed this during her participation on the reality show Telemundo, when she told the rest of her classmates that she discovered her ex-boyfriend at her house kissing another man, and although she did not give more details about the infidelity, many guess it could be Andre mangra.

Once the history is calculated, Venezuelan fans found out that the hero of this story is the young Romanian dancer with whom the famous met in August 2020, when they were part of the dance competition program “Dancing with the Stars” in Hungary.

For his part, a friend of Spanic told TVyNotas that Andréi was not gay, but wanted to take advantage of the success of the Venezuelan actress.

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Andréi was her dance partner throughout the reality show. At first, there was so much chemistry on the dance floor that fans and viewers took them to the final, took second place, and this guy, who was not at all ridiculous, saw Gabby’s fame and popularity, made her fall in love “. Close to the famous.

Even the same source confirmed that during August of last year when Gabe was filming the novel “If They Left Us”, but it ended early because one of the actors did not show up, so he returned home without warning to face a big surprise. The dancer is kissing another man.

On the same day, the actress asked her partner to pack her things and leave the house, marking the return of her single life, while he had to return to his native Hungary.


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