Christoph Waltz, a very charming villain

In one of the roles that made his late glory, bounty hunter “Django Unchained”.

Becoming a star in two Tarantinos films, this Austrian-born actor is the subject of a documentary, preceded by Tim Burton’s Big Eyes.

Initially, it is Vienna, the son of an Austrian fashion designer and German decorator, and the grandson of an actress from the prestigious Burgtheater. Christoph Waltz waited until middle age to achieve international fame. Initially a theater actor, he became a much sought-after television actor, especially in German soap operas: he appeared notably in “Inspector Derek ” where “Rex, police dogAs well as in some feature films, but nothing that makes them appear. He says it himself:There are few movies I’m not ashamed of ».

Star at 53, in two films

At … 53 years old, he finally blew up the screen from the opening scene of the movie “Inglourious BasterdsWritten by Quentin Tarantino, he created the unforgettable character of a polyglot, kind, refined and sadistic Nazi. A performance that earned him an Oscar and an Interpretation Award at Cannes. In addition to the immediate recognition of Hollywood, where he received his star in Wark of Fame.

Tarantino’s next movie.Unlock Django‘, brings him his second Oscar in a complex and equally cute role of a bounty hunter with murky amorality. Here, then, is a reserved and charming man composed of unfathomable villains. He confirms this by wearing the costume of one of 007’s best enemies. ghost ‘then in’To die can wait“(It will be released in October). He portrayed himself in a movie that he directed himself,”George Town(Soon on screens).

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In this documentary in the form of a picture, proverbial Christoph Waltz in his own life reviews his journey, commenting on excerpts from what he considers his major roles from his early childhood, and presenting his conception of his art.

fake story

The documentary is preceded by a 2014 Tim Burton film, “big eyes There he plays a successful painter, famous for his paintings of grotesque characters, decorated with big eyes. He only cares about his wife who paints them! The illusion will eventually appear. For this film, his co-actress Amy Adams received awards.

Documentary:Christoph Waltz, a very charming villainSunday, October 3 at 10:35 pm on ARTE (precursor to Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes” at 8:55 pm).


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