Rufran Bambara (Large Families): Her kids refused to go to school, and she rants

Wednesday, May 25, 2022, Rovran Bambara made a rant on Instagram. While her children were happy to participate in their school’s carnival, they were refused.

everyday, Roveran Bambara shares her daily life as a mother of quadruplets on the show Big Families, Life in XXLon TF1, as well as on his Instagram accountIt was followed by 315,000 subscribers. Wednesday, May 25, 2022, in the story, the young woman allowed her to express her anger after her children Hajar, Nour, Khairy and Kimsey were unable to participate in their school carnival. “I dropped my four kids off to school on my way out, We see that Khairi is waiting alone at the gate, ATSM (Regional Specialized Agent for Nursery Schools, editor’s note) walking around, other people from the school walking around, even though we’ve got him in line with his mistress and other kids. So, already from there, you pissed me off a bitI left first.

Annoyed, Rufran Bambara asked ATSM for an explanation. Then she told him she was already busy. And the young mother explained to the camera: “So I understand that it is not at all in the perspective of taking charge of my son and that it will happen that way. then, I was the one who went to class back and forth to see if the teacher could accommodate my son. I realize it has nothing to do with him.In order to raise the tone with the young woman, the TV star confided:From that moment on, I picked everyone up and we went to university. You should know that teachers pick who’s in their class and in this case, they rejected two of our kids because we’re reality TV people.

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Rovran Bambara: “Depriving my children of a normal education, it does not pass”

The young mother was upset: “When you’re a teacher, you don’t choose a student for his head, his beliefs, or anything or even less, because these people chose television. From the moment your two teachers reject the kids in their class, you’re out of the law.In conclusion, she confided to her subscribers:I find it inhuman when in addition to that, my children are only taken for half a day, we kiss, that’s how it is. There, they didn’t even stay 30 minutes in class in their fancy dress. It really hurts my heart. Yesterday, I didn’t want to do the stories because I was so nervous, I cried a lot. That my children are deprived of a normal education, it does not work.

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