Kyle Lowry 31 mars 2022

Very nice poster, potential Conf final is very nice, but this is in a world where there is no Kevin Durant, no Kyrie Irving, no Joel Embiid, no James Harden, no Giannis Antikonmo, but that’s another debate. Without getting distracted too much, so tonight in Boston we qualified for a big eastern classic between two long-toothed franchises, and a few days before the playoffs started, the Celtics and Heat gave us a game…of the playoffs.

Big caning stats at night are here

Once in a while customLet us first pay tribute to the defeated team. Team Boston, who were recently deprived of third Robert Williams in the paint for several weeks, but who can count on the Jaylen Brown/Jason Tatum/Al Horford trio coming back tonight, are back in the shorts after drying up the Canadian displacement the day before. The Celtics who played cat-and-mouse all evening, occasionally cat-mouse but eventually devoured, each team’s rounds dictated the tone of the match but the latter rather than laying down the origins of a South Beach badass. If we remember only one name from this match for the Greens? Don’t trust the game card, so don’t trust the big game Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum who did the minimal taf despite sending his henchmen to his coat all evening. No, because the one who made us shake the most tonight is called… Marcus Smart, a real offensive boss through his playmaking and his decisions even if the title isn’t there (Stats, for sure…) And an impressive defensive poison that definitely deserves to fall on the DPOY podium this season. 10 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals for MS, 3/15 old in shooting but, anyway, it wasn’t a game for snipers, and in conclusion, C’s green ensured she was able to count more than ever On the bustle of the spirit of this team at the start of the qualifiers.

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And crowding will be necessary during this game as no easy basket will ever be offered, as if each of the two teams in TD Center have come to make their post-season defensive ranges. Permanent opposition in the racket with the duel of generations between Pam Adebayo and Al Horford, Brothers Jay who experienced pain in the ass Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry, the latter shining with all his ball as is often the case during this kind of game on the line And where the difference can be made, Florida’s turn players focus on the goal of locking the basket. We obviously think of PJ Tucker, better be with him against him, but we also think of Max Strus, who made it to the physical finals of Secret Story but especially a body that has learned to cash, testifies to the two counts of making money time, by definition in best times. Maxo who put in his shots too, he’s useful in basketball, just like Tyler Hero put in, well, the Heat start winning again when the future sixth man is on the field.

Thus, the best time would be for Heat, so happy to scroll down to remember that if Kyle Lowry’s shorts fit into a size XL quad, they don’t necessarily have to do with his buttocks. Picture that conclusion, to be shorter, let’s say Kyle still has a huge package in the hard work, and overall, it looks like the Heat and Celtics are ready for the play-off games. Miami retained its first position, the Celtics series a second defeat but has not lost its temper so far, the Great East Battle will begin.

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