Gerson a brillé, Pallois a plombé.

Gerson’s brilliant play, Amin Harrit returns to the front but Ballois and Ludovic Blass’ red stops: Find our tops / flops after Nantes-Marseille (0-1)


Gerson, big sigh of relief

This is Kerson’s benchmark competition in the Olympian jersey. Much criticized since signing over 20 million euros at OM, the Brazilian midfielder has certainly delivered his best performance in the Olympic tunic. Since his debut at OM he has often jumped to the post, and Gerson has found a place back in the axis behind Dmitry Boyd, which seems very relevant to him. In addition to his excellent line-up on goal, he was very accurate in his transfers (86% of successful passes) and shone with the ability to project himself forward to compensate for Bayt’s stalls. International Auriverde hosts its main competition under the Marseille jersey.

Amin Harid: Light after wardrobe

For several weeks now, the Moroccan attacking midfielder has had to settle for competition with OM. Put in George Sambavoli’s closet, Amin Harid came out of his box in front of his training club. On the right, he multiplied the races forward and performed miracles in the first period. As a testament to the 4 mistakes made by the former Schalke 04, the Nantes defenders had the worst possible time to stop him. With technically 93% successful passes, he missed a few balls he tried to provoke. But sometimes he brought insanity and excitement that was not in the OM during the attack phases.

Alban Lafont kept the canaries alive

If OM had not rushed to the attack for 90 minutes, their victory would have been huge without the excellent Alban LaFonte of Nantes goals. In the first half, Gerson’s attempt was perfectly thwarted in the 21st minute. Shortly before the break, Reunion’s shot quickly bounces back, preventing Bayet from doubling the race. During the second act, he wins head-to-head with Kunduzi (85th) allowing him to trust his team even more. Without being called up regularly, he was able to be decisive in keeping his team afloat. A successful performance was logically tainted by this goal of Kerson, which was difficult to intervene.

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Nicholas Pallois: Exits 32 minutes and later

If you get a second yellow card after half an hour of play, it’s hard not to appoint a donkey cap for the game. First warned at 14 p.m.e Minute for a mistake on Amin Harrit, the former Bordeaux repeats when there is no immediate danger by cutting the same Harrit in the mid circle within 20 minutes. The compulsion to evolve into a numerical inferiority complex for more than an hour was beyond the control of his team. While he sometimes relieved his defense by retrieving a few balls, he suffered greatly from Amin Harid’s liveliness in the few minutes he spent on the lawn.

Ludovic Plus did not shine

A ball rhythm at the beginning of the first period, then not much. Nandes, the top scorer with 7 goals this season, did not have his usual influence on Wednesday, losing his 16 balls. Usually very clean, experienced more waste than usual and could not move between the lines, disrupting security in Marseille. In his defense, it is difficult to shine as an attacking player when the team is playing in large numbers. However, the former Kyungambai was also defeated in the impact, losing 6 of the 10 duels he played. Number 10 Competition without Nantes.

Violin Cyprian, Sans Relief

Under the guise of lens and nice, Violin Cyprian succeeded in making a name for himself in Ligu 1 by being one of the firm values ​​of our championship. But his failed transfer to Burma last season significantly hampered the 26-year-old’s progress. He did not weigh in at the intersection as 11 balls were returned to the opponent and he lost 4 duels in 6 overs. Defeated under the influence of Marseille circles, he struggles to begin his career again in the Nantes jersey.

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